Bloomin’ ‘eck

It’s a bit hot today! I’m boiling in my room. I would open the second window but, well, there’s a spider nest-y thing under it so just the one for me! On the plus side, nice sunny days like this makes me break out the happy music and also makes me dance around (so much so that I’m a bit dizzy after spending this morning attempting to dance). Currently blaring out of the one window is Reckless Love. They’re perfect for the warmer weather! ;D See, look:

Anyway, moving on . . . 😛 I’ve been busy sewing away the past few days (okay, more like one day and I’ve given up for a bit because I need to clean the sewing machine). I have a washing basket and the cloth was old and ripped, so I decided to make a replacement! Like you do. xD I used up some of the charm packs that mum (kindly) gave me and got started. I think I’ve got one more row to sew together of the main bit, then I’ll need to add the things that secure it in place. I’m not entirely sure how well it’s going to work, but hey, it’s worth a shot! I’ll post some pictures when it’s all finished. 🙂

What else has happened . . . Oh yeah!! I got tickets to see Noel Fielding later on the year!! 😀 I’m so excited! Mum has said I can’t go as Old Gregg because she won’t be seen with me in the green leggings. *sigh* Thanks mum . . . I think dad is really looking forward to seeing Noel . . . I’m sure they’ll get sick of my fangirling pretty quickly. xD

Other than that, I’ve been planning out what 40s things I can go to this year. I got excited about a 40s day happening in April (which is closer than the epic one in May) but it’s happening on a weekday, so I wouldn’t be able to go. Damn! But I am hopefully going to the one in May (if I can get mum to book the tickets) so that should be good. I’m just sort of hoping they’ll have a Spitfire . . . xD They also have a dance in the evening, but I’m not sure whether I’ll go to that, as it’ll probably be all Lindy Hop and jitterbug which would be too fast for me! I’d like to watch it though xD

On that note, I shall go! I should probably do some sewing, so that something actually gets finished and not left in my rather large pile of WIPs. *cough* xD
See you soon!
Jess x