Burnt breakfast

So, we are back with an update from Eva! 😀

Good morning Eva!

Eva: Hmph. It’s 4am. Leave me alone.

Oookay. Guess you’re not a morning person!

I sent her to the bathroom to get organised and then it was breakfast time!

Eva: I totally know what I’m doing!

I’m not too sure of that . . .

Random deer walked through our “house” so she of course wished to watch it. She is definitely easily distracted 😉

What did you do Eva?!

Eva: I may or may not have burnt it . . .

I knew I should have just made you do a quick meal. D: Well, waste not want not! You spent 11 simoleons on that!

And of course you sit on the loo again. When you get some money I’m buying you a chair!

I made her brush her teeth to get rid of burnt waffle taste. xD Kinda creepy picture 😉 While she was doing that the post lady decided to pay us a visit:

Bills. Thanks for that! We can’t actually pay them though as it’s 92 simoleons for them and we only have 34. :’) We had some time to kill though so I sent her to Cinnamon Crest Falls to fish so we could sell them.

We only managed to catch one though before we had to head back home before the carpool arrived!

She randomly decided to play guitar. She does need her skill up!

Eva: Owww my fingers hurt! Why do I have to play guitar for my job?!

Oh quit complaining. Oh look your car pool is here! Have a good first day!

Eva: What if they don’t like me? What if I don’t get enough money to pay the bills?

It’ll be fine! Just try to make some friends!

While she was at work the ice cream van came to park outside her house. I immediately thought of Tim Minchin here xD Other than that nothing happened, some horses galloped through our garden though!

Work asked her to stay late so by the time she got home it was 9:30pm and she was about to pass out from tiredness. I made her pay the bills though.

Eva: Can I please go to bed now?! I have to get up for work!

Your work day doesn’t start til 1pm . . .

Eva: So?! I just want to sleep!


It was midnight before she finally got settled down!

I have no idea why she’s dreaming of rubbish. :’)


Meet Miss Holmes!

Hellloooo 🙂 I have decided to start my Sims 3 legacy-sort-of-not-really. :’)


Here’s our founder, her name is Eva Holmes. 🙂 Her traits are; Good Sense of Humour, Good, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic and Friendly. Her favourites are Indie, Autumn Salad and Turquoise. 😀 Her LTW is to be a Hit Movie Composer!

Here’s her house. It’s not much, but once she gets more money she can upgrade it!

So the first task is to get a job. Her choice of transportation is a bike, luckily she lives quite close to town so it won’t take long!

Eva: I quite like this place.
You better, it took me a whole 5 minutes to make! 😛

Eva: Wish me luck!

I’m sure you’ll manage to charm them.

She got it! 😀 I think she’s quite happy. Now to go bring up that guitar skill!

Just saying, the noise was awful as she tried to get chords together. O.o

Eva: HEY!

It’s true though . . .

Yay! She got a skill point! Now the noise isn’t that bad!

Eva: Is that a compliment?

Not really . . .

Why is there a halo?

Eva: I donated 100 simoleons to a charity! Are you proud?

I guess . . . We now have 48 simoleons now though.

So after that I decided to send her out somewhere to meet new sims. I have twallan’s story progression mod installed so I can see where people are and find out the gossip going around town. 😉 Most people were at work but there were a few at the cat park thing so we went there.

When we got there we introduced ourselves to Zac Whipsnake! They seemed to get on okay:

Although this was after she bored him to death so their friendship bar is really low, they’re still on acquaintance level. xD

Eva: Hey! It’s not my fault people don’t want to know I’m new or have a new job!

Mhm sure.

I heard some stuff going on next to them so I scooted along and saw this:

Hailey Shepherd just received flowers from Kenji Midden! Poor Kanoa Parrott was watching it whilst thinking about Hailey. Poor guy. xD

Eva: Are you gonna be following my life or theirs?!

Aren’t you supposed to be talking to Zac? *comes over to look*

Oh. Well at least you said goodbye to him!

Eva: Yep! I’m off home now, I reeeaaally need the loo.

But . . . there were loos right next to you in the park!

Eva: . . . Oh. Ooops. I need to make some food anyway.

Please do not cut yourself!

Eva: You were worried over nothing! See, I made it all by myself!

Well, at least you can’t burn salad.

Really, you sit on the toilet to eat your tea?!

Eva: There’s nothing wrong with that! Besides, you didn’t give me a table or chairs!

You also wash the dishes in the bathroom sink?! Even though you have a sink in the kitchen?!

Eva: Mhm, nothing wrong with that either!

*sigh* Sims . . .

Well, at least that day is over. Goodnight Eva, hope your dreams of music make you in a good mood for work tomorrow!


There we are, my first Sims legacy post thing! Hope it was okay! I know not a lot happened, but nothing really does on the first day xD
Jess x

Meet the Bakers

Hello 🙂

Well, here is my Sims family. I’ll probably make a new family for the purpose of a story but here is my current household that I’m in love with :’)

Here is the mom, Eve Baker:

Super pretty, in my opinion :’) She is married to Efrain (I think that’s his name, they live in Bridgeport and when I moved him in he was living with Ebeneezer Clavier so I don’t know if he just got randomly added to the neighbourhood or what. Either way she’s married to him. ;)) but doesn’t live with him – I kicked him back out when he started to annoy me :’) – and has two kids with him. 🙂 Her traits are: Family Oriented, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, Artistic and Schmoozer. :’) I had hoped she’d be a vampire but decided when she aged up to a Young Adult that she could just be normal. She is nine days away from being an elder. O.o Her favourites are: Songwriter, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Black. Her Lifetime Wish (LTW) is to be Master of the Arts. 🙂

Here is her first son, Michael Baker:

Attractive face. 😉 He is a teen (Although is two days away from being a Young Adult). His traits are: Brave, Neurotic, Athletic and Evil (Ahem, I’m putting him in the Criminal career track just because I’ve not used that a lot before, so he’s nearly maxed out on logic and I’ve started his athletic training). His favourites are: Kids, Grilled Cheese and Blue. He also has a super pretty girlfriend called Constance Walker. Here’s some pics of them:

Awww :’) ❤

Okay, that’s it for Michael. 😉

Last but not least, here is Eve’s second son, Danny Baker:

His traits are: Genius, Eccentric and Dog Person. I’m hoping to put him in the Science career so will probably give him the green thumb trait next xD His favourites are: Indie, Veggie Burger and Orange. He’s two days away from being a teen. :O

I’m trying to get Eve to paint portraits of the family but it’s taking a while. I was going to try to get her to paint portraits of her parents but they’re never in. :/

So there you go! That’s my family on the Sims 3. Pretty normal. :’) I’m off to write another post now, this time about reality. 😉
Jess x