Uhh . . . Hello?

*clears cobwebs* Um, hello?

I haven’t forgotten this blog, if you were wondering, I’ve just been busy. We’ve finally managed to sell our house so hopefully we’ll be moving next month. *fingers crossed* I probably definitely won’t be blogging if all does go to plan, as my M.E will be quite bad, I’m expecting to have a relapse.
Talking of the M.E, my paediatrician phoned the other day to have the annual check thing, as I couldn’t attend to my appointment, as usual. He didn’t seem too happy to find out that we’re moving and he said it will affect the M.E, but whatever. This house doesn’t work for us anymore and it’ll be lovely to be near family. 😀
I haven’t been doing much else really. I finally felt up to doing some school work so I did some science and maths. 🙂 I’ve also set up a new Sims blog, so I’ll probably focus on that for a bit. I’m enjoying doing it though, even if it means I’m not paying much attention to you. *sadface*
England has decided that summer is over and autumn should begin, so now it’s gotten a bit colder. Not that I’m minding, at the moment. I like autumn and can’t wait to move and see my little cousin enjoying it. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to winter, just because we should be in the new house and it’ll look all pretty. xD
I can’t wait to move, all the new photography opportunities will be awesome. 😀
Well, as always I’m going to leave it short and sweet, I’ll try to update before we move, no promises though. xD
Jess x