Hellloooo everybody!

Slight delay in posting about the opening ceremony because I hadn’t fully watched it all (I got up to D – which was around 10:55pm) because my body went into shut down mode, so had to go to bed. I was going to watch to the end but I don’t think I really missed much.

The opening ceremony was amazing and made me so very proud to be British. I thought that the tributes to the war and the 7/7 bombings were very good. The whole thing was incredible but what really made you proud to be British was the Queen acting. I laughed so much (WE SAW THE CORGIS!!!) and me and mom were like :O the whole way through that bit. xD I got a tinsy bit scared at the children’s literature bit, just because of the child catcher. I hate him, I would never watch that bit of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! All in all an amazing ceremony and I was very excited to start watching all the games!

I love watching the swimming, I probably like some others too but the swimming is amazing. I was so proud of Rebecca Adlington of getting that bronze! :’) Yesterday was a bit of an awkward moment though, wasn’t it? I felt so bad for Ukraine and losing their bronze, but so glad that Team GB were in with their medal. I’m also very glad that the people in the seats didn’t boo Japan when they received their medal, although it seemed a little quieter than it should have been!

I haven’t really been doing much, apart from that. I have been getting very excited about The Sims 3 Supernatural coming out though, I just want to see what they’ve done to improve vampires to be honest (Sorry if I’ve said this before!).

Well, I should probably stop rambling now. The rain has sort of come back a bit now, but I don’t mind. 🙂 Although if it rains for 4 weeks straight I’ll be annoyed. 😉
Jess x


Summer time!

Hello there! 🙂

I’m still here, I’ve just been going out quite a lot and seeing friends. I’ve sort of over-done it so I’ve been trying to chill out this week. In between going out I’ve been making a skirt (Pretty In Pink makes me want to make clothes! Also once it’s finished I’ll be posting a blog post with pictures of the progress 🙂 ) and planning a project for my little cousin (Again, once the first part of that is complete I’ll be posting a blog post about it). 🙂 Very exciting!

Now that schools have broken up it properly feels like summer, we even had a bit of sun today! 😮 I’ve had the usual emotional crap of wanting to go back to school to feeling happy because I can catch up on schoolwork to being upset because people are having holidays or sleepovers to anything else that my brain wants to think about. The beauty of having a brain that over thinks everything . . . Or just have teenage hormones. One of the two. 😉 Because of this I’ve been quite down today, for no particular reason. It’s been nice to chill out though, would’ve been nicer without the mood!

Well, this was a quick little update but I will post those more interesting blog posts when I’ve done them. I will also probably write a post next Friday after watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. 😀

Bye! x


Helllloooooo 🙂

I’ve been going out a lot recently, which is amazing but not so great about the payback I’ve been getting. Oh well, nice to be normal for a bit 🙂 I’ve been going out to shops though, so I bet you that’ll I’ll be getting some sort of bug from people. xD The biggest achievement I think was going to Tesco on Friday. There were quite a few people there even though it was around 8 at night, that was fine but apparently supermarkets like having really horrible lights. *sigh* I had a headache from people being really loud and from the lights. Plus I was having a panic attack, big time. Either way I managed the half an hour we were there sooo yeah.
Yesterday was really horrible as I got sooo tired from all the outings but I went out anyway . . . I’m not very good at pacing. :’) I’m seeing a friend this weekend as well and gonna arrange to have my hair cut as well . . . I have a feeling this month will be spent resting in between doing stuff. xD

Anyway, that was a quick catch up as I haven’t really got anything to say xD
Jess x