Catch-up :)

Hello again! 🙂

I thought I should do a bit of a catch up because I miss blogging. There’s nothing stopping me from blogging, I just never know what to say. xD Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot (Well, not that much but a lot to me as I hardly do any 😉 ) art lately. It’s quite fun, though I’ve been getting quite frustrated with it. I’m one of those people who when I want to do something I want it done that second, and for it to be easy. So that never helps but here’s something I’ve drawn. A lovely vampire 🙂

I was really proud of how it turned out! There are somethings I could probably improve but it’s all practice I guess! 🙂 I did go out today to buy more arty stuff in the hope that I could try new styles of drawing (this vampire I drew was a different way of drawing faces, which has seemed to work quite well!) or something. Just need to keep at it!

I’ve been playing guitar again the past few days, which has made me very happy! I’ve been using a book called From Zero to Rock Hero: A Crash Course In Playing Rock Guitar by Owen Edwards. It’s really cool and has helped expand what I can play on the guitar, and I’m only a few pages in! 😀 Yay for helpful books!

Aside from those things I haven’t really done anything, so here are some photos I’ve taken in the past few months 🙂

Might post something again in a bit 🙂
Jess x