Happy Hallowe’en

So, it’s All Hallows’ Eve and the pumpkins are out, kids are knocking on doors and soon those kids will be ill or a bit too hyper. Ahh, I love Hallowe’en. 😀

Last night, dad and I were carving pumpkins and to get myself in the mood for carving I, of course, blared out Time Warp, Monster Mash and Ghostbusters. Had to restrain myself not to dance badly along but I did sing along to it all. 🙂 Here are the pumpkins dad and I carved:

This one is mine :)

This one is mine 🙂

This is dad's :D

This is dad’s 😀

If anyone can guess what dad’s is, then you win ten points. 🙂 We then tested them to see what they would look like lit up. I think dad’s looked pretty damn scary. xD

Then today was the most exciting of all the days (of course)! I basically stayed in pyjamas all day because what was the point in getting ready if I was just gonna change into a costume afterwards?! So, I dug out the dry shampoo (forgot to get dad to wash my hair yesterday. It wasn’t pretty!) and set to work. It did take me about ten minutes to figure out where the hell I was going to start!

So, once I had “washed” my hair, I got dressed into the outfit then set to work on the face paint. I honestly couldn’t take myself seriously at all. But I think it turned out pretty good, right?

D'ya love me Howard?

D’ya love me Howard?

I'm Old Gregg!

I’m Old Gregg!

So once that was all done I set to work on the “Baileys”. I, obviously, am not old enough to drink and I don’t think I really would want to so I made a Baileys out of a Glitter Berry J2O and a label. I think it worked out okay!

I drink Baileys, from a shoe!

I drink Baileys, from a shoe!

Thus, I became Old Gregg. Shortly after I had gotten all that ready, the door went (at 5pm. Just sayin’!). Let me set the scene. You are a short child (I’m one to talk!), about 5 or 6 maybe, going round people’s houses going “trick or treat!” and getting sweets in return. I feel very bad for this group of children (although it was very amusing and I must be a bad person because I nearly cried with laughter, sorry!) because I open the door – dressed as Old Gregg – in a dark hallway. The glee on their faces at adding yet more sweets to their already big pile was wiped off midway through the phrase “trick or treat!”. Once two of the children had got their sweets, one ran off and didn’t know how to respond to me. The little girl was a bit braver and stayed to get sweets for, I’m guessing , a sibling. Then another little girl (much younger) came up, grabbed her sweet and ran off as well. All in all, I think I terrified those kids. xD

After that, I went to my aunt and uncle’s house. I donned mum’s Doc Martens and clomped my way to their house. I knocked on the door and my cousin started squealing. Not in the very funny way he does when he’s excited to see me, it was a “omg no please don’t come near me!”. He was very unsure of me, because he knew my voice but couldn’t recognise my face. In the end, he made me play with a toy with him and made sure not to make eye contact with me. ;D He must’ve been terrified! I think he was a bit pleased to see me go. xD

Once I got back, quite a few more kids came to the door and I probably scared the kids and got judged by the slightly older kids (but still younger than me, I might add). Then I decided to go trick or treating myself (i.e knock timidly on the door). Nobody answered at the two houses I knocked on (shame on you neighbours!) so I came back and played on Animal Crossing to enjoy their Hallowe’en. xD

So, my first Hallowe’en in years that I was able to dress up for (without having to get immediately changed back into pyjamas), walk outside to enjoy the spirit and spend some time listening to the song linked earlier in the post. I’m so happy that my M.E didn’t stop me this year, even though I thought it might. I absolutely loved it and now I need to rest before hopefully doing something exciting tomorrow for mum’s birthday – which, if it happens, I will also write about because it will be a huge thing for me.

I hope you all enjoyed today, whether or not you celebrate Hallowe’en. I will see you all soon, as always!
Jess x

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