Happy Hallowe’en

So, it’s All Hallows’ Eve and the pumpkins are out, kids are knocking on doors and soon those kids will be ill or a bit too hyper. Ahh, I love Hallowe’en. 😀

Last night, dad and I were carving pumpkins and to get myself in the mood for carving I, of course, blared out Time Warp, Monster Mash and Ghostbusters. Had to restrain myself not to dance badly along but I did sing along to it all. 🙂 Here are the pumpkins dad and I carved:

This one is mine :)

This one is mine 🙂

This is dad's :D

This is dad’s 😀

If anyone can guess what dad’s is, then you win ten points. 🙂 We then tested them to see what they would look like lit up. I think dad’s looked pretty damn scary. xD

Then today was the most exciting of all the days (of course)! I basically stayed in pyjamas all day because what was the point in getting ready if I was just gonna change into a costume afterwards?! So, I dug out the dry shampoo (forgot to get dad to wash my hair yesterday. It wasn’t pretty!) and set to work. It did take me about ten minutes to figure out where the hell I was going to start!

So, once I had “washed” my hair, I got dressed into the outfit then set to work on the face paint. I honestly couldn’t take myself seriously at all. But I think it turned out pretty good, right?

D'ya love me Howard?

D’ya love me Howard?

I'm Old Gregg!

I’m Old Gregg!

So once that was all done I set to work on the “Baileys”. I, obviously, am not old enough to drink and I don’t think I really would want to so I made a Baileys out of a Glitter Berry J2O and a label. I think it worked out okay!

I drink Baileys, from a shoe!

I drink Baileys, from a shoe!

Thus, I became Old Gregg. Shortly after I had gotten all that ready, the door went (at 5pm. Just sayin’!). Let me set the scene. You are a short child (I’m one to talk!), about 5 or 6 maybe, going round people’s houses going “trick or treat!” and getting sweets in return. I feel very bad for this group of children (although it was very amusing and I must be a bad person because I nearly cried with laughter, sorry!) because I open the door – dressed as Old Gregg – in a dark hallway. The glee on their faces at adding yet more sweets to their already big pile was wiped off midway through the phrase “trick or treat!”. Once two of the children had got their sweets, one ran off and didn’t know how to respond to me. The little girl was a bit braver and stayed to get sweets for, I’m guessing , a sibling. Then another little girl (much younger) came up, grabbed her sweet and ran off as well. All in all, I think I terrified those kids. xD

After that, I went to my aunt and uncle’s house. I donned mum’s Doc Martens and clomped my way to their house. I knocked on the door and my cousin started squealing. Not in the very funny way he does when he’s excited to see me, it was a “omg no please don’t come near me!”. He was very unsure of me, because he knew my voice but couldn’t recognise my face. In the end, he made me play with a toy with him and made sure not to make eye contact with me. ;D He must’ve been terrified! I think he was a bit pleased to see me go. xD

Once I got back, quite a few more kids came to the door and I probably scared the kids and got judged by the slightly older kids (but still younger than me, I might add). Then I decided to go trick or treating myself (i.e knock timidly on the door). Nobody answered at the two houses I knocked on (shame on you neighbours!) so I came back and played on Animal Crossing to enjoy their Hallowe’en. xD

So, my first Hallowe’en in years that I was able to dress up for (without having to get immediately changed back into pyjamas), walk outside to enjoy the spirit and spend some time listening to the song linked earlier in the post. I’m so happy that my M.E didn’t stop me this year, even though I thought it might. I absolutely loved it and now I need to rest before hopefully doing something exciting tomorrow for mum’s birthday – which, if it happens, I will also write about because it will be a huge thing for me.

I hope you all enjoyed today, whether or not you celebrate Hallowe’en. I will see you all soon, as always!
Jess x

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Clocks and ME

Just a quick little post to pass the time until Hallowe’en is here. Get ready for a post on Hallowe’en! 😀

A couple of days ago the clocks decided to be handy and go back an hour. Which is great (earlier time to drink hot chocolate! ;)) but not so great when you have a routine. To new people reading this, you might not have read my other posts but I have this illness called M.E (don’t ask me to say its full name because it’s very confusing, long and hard to pronounce) which affects everything I do in my life. The clocks changing were not the best thing (they never are!) to happen because recently I’ve been a bit worse than usual.

I felt fine on Sunday morning, a bit hungry because I “normally” (on BST) would eat/take my tablets between 9am-10am, but other than that okay. I needed to tidy my room up so I thought I’d have lunch then work at it. I felt immediately hot, sick and tired out. Probably wasn’t a good idea after all. Then I had family over, which went fine because I had cooled down and wasn’t paying as much attention as I usually do so it was basically classed as low energy.

After they had left, however, I felt really sick, tired and could have cried. This is the problem when you try to keep your tablets at the “regular” time when actually you should probably take them earlier. I had tea and my tablets though and I soon felt a bit better.

Yesterday was a bit better, I ate a bit more regularly (I used to have to eat every hour when I was severely affected because I just needed some sort of energy), which annoyed me because I had only just stopped doing that routine. I did feel much better for it though, so I guess this is what I’ll have to do for a few days until my body sorts itself out.

Today has been tiring. Mum’s helper came in so I had to get things ready for her (as mum is still recovering from her op) at an early time which obviously has screwed up my day in terms of eating/resting.

My pal and I were saying that M.E really does need more awareness. Things that may knock you – a healthy person – back a little bit (which you can fix by having a nap or something) sets us (severely/moderately affected at least. Not sure about anyone higher up) back quite a bit.

You can’t say to someone with M.E “Oh you look fine, what are you complaining about?” if you see them at work or school. You don’t see the tiredness afterwards. The need to rest. The likelihood of them falling on the floor because they have no energy to get themselves up the stairs and into bed or even on to a sofa.

I hate to say it, but some healthy people really take for granted what they can do. Everyone has the right to complain about their lives but if you say “I’m so tired” to someone suffering with severe M.E and you’re offended that they don’t give you that much sympathy, don’t be.

Now, after that little moan/rant, I’m going to take the Miranda approach and use this song to put a positive on today’s post.

My proud moment is (nearly) finishing a block of knitting. I know! Me, knitting! I persevered and now I have one block! 😀 Super happy about it. 🙂

On that note I shall go. Like I said at the start you’ll see me on Hallowe’en. I may look a bit . . . different but you’ll see me. 😀
Jess x

50th post spectacular (or something like that)


We’ve (yes we. You guys are part of it!) reached 50 posts! Let’s dance to cheesy music! Okay now I’m definitely in the party mood. 🙂

I really can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year and that I’ve rambled on for 50 posts. We all remember the days of bad posts and me having no idea what I want to post, right?! 😀 Well, I’d written a post before this and posted it but I wanted it to be much better. So I am improving it! 😀

Yesterday was very fun, I was Mousecat for a very special call. 😀 The lovely Stori from BooshlrCall had arranged a call for all the Boosh fans to chat, sing songs, crimp, discuss the Boosh and whatever else they are in, cry over the fact we’re not in America for Festival Supreme and generally go a bit hyper. 😀

It was amazing, seeing/hearing all these Boosh fans! 😀 We attempted a crimp, discussed Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, did impressions of Boosh characters and changed all our pictures to Rich Fulcher. 😀 This is what I mean:
 It felt very odd to be staring at Rich’s face. ;D We tweeted him pictures of it, though. xD The point of it was, we didn’t know if the Boosh would be able to get into America due to problems with visas etc. so we said that Rich (As he’s American) could do the festival himself, play all the characters and call it The Mighty Rich. He had tweeted about it the day after and questioned our sanity. Pretty rich (no pun intended. Well, maybe a little bit) coming from a member of The Mighty Boosh!! 😀

They’re hosting another one on Skype tonight at 8pm GMT, if any other Boosh fans want to join. 🙂

So after all of that excitement I’ve had a pretty relaxing day. I chilled out to Follow the Fleet starring the amazing Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Excellent film, really enjoyed it. 😀

So, I’m not really sure how spectacular this 50th post was, but I’m very glad you’ve stayed with me on this journey (aw, soppy) and I hope we have many more posts together! However weird they may be! 😀

On that note, I am off to watch another Fred and Ginger film!
Jess x

PS: One more cheesy song? 🙂

Projects, projects and more projects

I honestly don’t know how I’ll find the energy.

The problem with me, is that I’ve always been very ambitious. Which is probably why I’m so poorly. *shakes fist* But it doesn’t stop me one bit. With my recent creative-ness I’ve found lots of old projects that I really want to work on, as well as new projects that I’ve started. I’m in a bit of a muddle now and not sure what to prioritise.

First of all, back in, um, 2009 I think, I started writing lots of poems. I love writing poems and I was hoping to turn it a book. Like a proper book with pictures I had taken to go with it. I even started it but mum and I have forgotten the log in so I’m not sure when that’ll happen.

That same year I started writing a book about . . . Well, I can’t tell you that, can I? 😀 I was speaking about it to my nan today and I think it’d be pretty cool to release that, maybe as a short story because it doesn’t really have that much of a plot. Well, it does but it’s not like a thriller or anything. Just a simple book for probably 7+. Pretty cool, huh?

Then we come to the past, oh I don’t know, year or so? My friend and I (as mentioned in the last post) have such weird lives (seriously, if you spoke to my pal you would either think she makes it up or she is Miranda) that I sort of want to write some sketches, because that would be pretty cool. That and our sense of humour is quite weird so it’d be cool to see people’s responses. Also, we’ve always said we’d release an album of songs we’ve made up (mainly covers but so very funny).

Then in July I started a blog with a girl called Ann. Check it out here if you want to see it! We’re hoping to do quite a bit of it in the next few years, so keep a watch out.

Then next year you will find out one that I’ve mentioned before on here but it is super top-secret so nerh. 😛 I’m not sure when it will be announced but you will definitely hear about it. 🙂 Ooh, ‘ark at me being secretive (I don’t do this very often as you can probably tell).

So, now we are at the end of my arm long list of projects (I say arm long, it’s more half an arm, but if I write it in big text it’ll look more impressive). My top-secret one and my project with Ann are probably high on the list, but I would really like to do more poems and writing for that book so that can be released and done. Imagine me with books out?! Oh dear, that’s quite a scary thought. I’d have to be all normal . . . Nah, they’ll just have to like me for who I am. 😀

As I mentioned, I am very ambitious. But I don’t s’pose you noticed that at all, did you? 🙂
Jess x

PS. My next post is my 50th. Imagine that?! I’ll make it super special!

Productiveness (ish)

Hello, it’s me again! 🙂

So I’ll get straight into it today, I guess. In England it’s been awfully windy, rainy and cold. By our standards at least! So the heating is on (I am currently melting, oops) and each time mum and I look out the windows we go “Oh, this bloody weather!”. Typical, eh?

I have had quite a bit of inspiration these past few days, I’ve re-discovered (I say re-discovered, it never went) my love for The Mighty Boosh so my thoughts have been running wild about things to create and write and oh I love it. I made a joke on twitter earlier today, but not even the Boosh fans seemed to get it. It made me (and mum) laugh, so that’s all that matters I guess! It pretty much started off on Saturday. There was much hype about the Boosh releasing a song (if you want to listen to it click here – credit to cheeky-vixen on tumblr for posting it) so I was pretty excited about that. Then they announced they were doing another gig on the 10th (yesterday) so everyone rushed to get tickets. If you are reading this boys of the Boosh, stop doing things in London. I know it’s your home but I wanna see you too, okay? 😦 Aaaaanyway, last night I ended up crimping (remember that thing I posted a while ago?) and singing songs by them. It included this one (which is now my favouritest – new word):

So anyway, time to get back to the subject of this post! xD I ended up writing a little sketch which is like a part of one I wrote with my lovely pal (who thought up a song in 2010 which inspired me to write the sketch in the first place). That was fun. If I could turn it into an actual video I totally would. If me and my pal get together again at some point I will force her to help me with it. I’m sure I’ll think of something. Watch this space (you may be waiting a while so I suggest getting a snack, maybe a cup of tea, or drink of your choice and make sure you’re comfy. I’d hate for you to get a sore bum while waiting)!

I’ve also thought of a new painting idea for Remembrance Day but I don’t actually have any paint so I need to get myself to a cheap shop to find some. I shall be on an adventure for it. It’ll hopefully tie in with the wall hanging I plan on making for next year, again, watch this space (except this one will actually be achievable by next year, so you won’t have that long to wait)!

Well, I’ll keep it short and sweet (sort of. Also I had to refrain from saying Pete Sweet. Sorry, too much Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt makes me reference everything).
See you again soon!
Jess x

A look into the past

Hi there! 🙂

As promised on Thursday I am here to blog about something my nan found whilst re-packing some boxes. I feel like there should be a drumroll. *insert drumroll here because I can’t be bothered to embed one*

Oh yes, as you can probably imagine I got very excited about this. All the way from 1936, a book telling you about what to cook each month with things that are in season each month. Of course, all items (fruit and veg) have the National Mark which shows you what foods come from England and Wales (not sure why Scotland isn’t there but oh well).
From the good old Ministry of Agriculture. Thankfully, this is pre-war so I’m not annoyed with the War Ag (If you haven’t watched Wartime Farm you will have no idea what I’m on about. xD Go YouTube it. Go on! :D) this time. xD Mrs. Cottington Taylor was the director of the Good Housekeeping Institute and Mr. Ambrose Heath was the Cookery Correspondent to The News Chronicle. Good to know. 😀

This was the leaflet inside which tells you about the National Mark and what it means to each person:
I’m pretty sure we still have the National Mark, just without the map of the UK but I’m not certain, so don’t quote me on that. 😉

I had a flick through to see if there was anything we could make today and there was one recipe (so far) that sounded quite nice.
So, an early resolution for next year is to see if we do still have a National Mark and see if I can make some of the recipes from each month. It’ll be quite interesting to see how much we can do. 🙂

I don’t think I have much else to report, at least that relates to anything in this post. xD So I shall leave you without and see you soon, as always! 🙂
Jess x

Quick craft update

Hello there! 😀

This post may not make much sense as I was up for an hour early this morning so I think my brain has kind of shut down a bit. Oh well, we’ll see how I do!

I promised a while ago that I’d show you how far my hexies had got so here you are! Ignore the Frankenstein that photobombed, I couldn’t be bothered to tidy up. xD
It has changed a lot since I last posted about it! I’m half proud of it, which is good for me. xD Like I’ve said before, it’s going to be a while before it’s a double quilt but it’ll be worth it! I haven’t done much to it in recent weeks, but I’ll pick it up again once I’ve made all the Christmas presents. xD

In other news not much has been going on. I’ve been feeling really tired for the past week or two and only the day before yesterday have I started to feel more human, such fun. I did manage to read a book during my time on the sofa, so I’ve got my reading bug back again which is awesome. 😀 I’ve missed reading.

Oh oh, I did some more translating of my great-granddad’s 1942 diary, I’m now in February 1942. I’ve got used to his handwriting so there aren’t as many question marks on the page now. It also helps that he wrote in ink for most of it, sadly when we get to October/November 1942 it’ll be harder to read as he wrote in pencil. Oh well, we can try our hardest to decipher it!

My nan is coming over later, so I may be blogging about something she brings with her. *nods* I’m being mysterious because I don’t know that much about it, apart from it was probably my great-grandmother’s. You can see why I’d be excited, can’t you?

Anyway, that is all for now. I’m off to play a bit of a video game before my nan gets here.
See you soon!
Jess x