Oh my goodness!

Good afternoon everyone! I can call it afternoon, as I’m writing this just before evening hits. Heh. xD So, how’re you all doing? 🙂 I would say it’s been forever, but it hasn’t really. It does feel like it though!

Not a lot has happened really, turned 17 etc.. xD I would have some pictures to show you, but I can’t be bothered to edit them all. Oh alright! Let me go get the pictures (I was bad and didn’t take any on my camera, I really should stop using my phone for pictures)!

While they’re being sorted, I shall tell you how the day was! It started off with a video call to my pal, which was lovely even if we were both tired and not with it! I then opened a few of my presents from the parents which were awesome! I received the Sherlock boxset, Sherlock Cluedo, writing paper, Billy Elliot, St. Elmo’s Fire and then . . .
So, I don’t actually have a picture of the actual apron but loooooook!!!! 😀 CC41!! I got extremely excited about it and it’s now one of my favourite items ever. If you don’t know what CC41 is, it’s part of the rationing system from WWII. So yes, I love it. xD I think it would’ve cost about 3 coupons for an adult, and 2 coupons for a child. How cool?! 😀

I had decided that this year, for my birthday, I wanted to do something. Because pretty much the last 6 years of birthdays haven’t been the most memorable due to being too poorly to do anything. So I put on my big girls pants (kind of) and decided to go out for a meal. Now, it’s a bit like when I went to Download. Lots of people, strange smells etc. etc.. As you may or may not know I have social anxiety and part of that is not liking to eat in front of people. So my brain went “Well, if you managed Download with around 80,000 people, you can manage a restaurant”. So I did. xD

We went to an Italian not far from my house, and yes I had about three panic attacks before/while making the journey to the place but once I got there it was okayish. We ordered (I say we, dad ordered for me as I wasn’t talking) and while we waited for the food we made small conversation so as to keep me distracted. 😛 The food came and oh my I was so hungry after all the panicking that I ate quite a bit of the food, which is good! Although I did overheat halfway through the meal and felt like I was going to pass out. So there we are. ;D I’m really glad I did it, and I’d quite happily do so again. I can now sort of cross that off my list of things I’m not good at!

Afterwards we went to my nan’s to pick up my great-great uncle’s family history stuff that she had found the day before. Yes, my birthday was filled with history stuff, and I’m very happy it was. xD Once we got home mum and I had a look through it all. It was really interesting, we found out more about the character of some of our relatives which was so cool!

My pal called me again after I’d finished with the history stuff. We were both more awake, which meant the conversations made more sense. Well, that was until my parents joined in on the conversation and nearly ruined everything that my pal knows about science, but there we are. ;D

My aunt, uncle and cousin came over shortly after that. It was lovely to see them, and my aunt had made an amazing cake for me! Look!
We had to send a lot of it away to family members as it was massive but it was so so yummy!! 😀

We then had a pretty chill evening, we played Cluedo (which resulted in me crying with laughter) and watched the telly. All in all a lovely birthday!! After that we’ve been seeing family, and I was reunited with my cousin after 5 years! 🙂

I’ve been quite tired after doing all of that, so I’ve not been up to much since then! I have been doing some handsewing, which is a nice break from just watching YouTube videos all day. Yesterday I decided to print off some pictures for my photo album, which went great until the printer ran out of ink . . .

Today I went to my aunt’s. My cousin was being adorable, he snuggled up to me on the sofa and sat there for a while. Him sitting still doesn’t happen very often so when it does, it’s lovely! I came home feeling a bit rough, but I feel better now so that’s why I’m here! I’ve also been looking through my 30s cookbook to see if there is anything nice that I could cook for myself. I’ve found a few more things which sound quite nice so when we next do the shopping, I’ll get the ingredients. Of course I’ll blog about them! 😀

So yes, a rather lengthy post but hey, that makes up for not doing a proper post in a while, doesn’t it? 🙂 Hopefully I shall be back soon with some more posts! 😀
See you soon!
Jess x


Good hello!

I seriously need to find a way to come up with better titles . . .

Hello good people of internet land! 😀 It feels like it’s been forever! I think I always say that in a post. Hm, oh well. xD How are you all doing? 🙂 I’m alright, plodding along. Trying to ignore the fact that I am going to be 17 in 5 days. o.o When did that happen?! A question that has been floating around the house the past few weeks! xD The only good thing about turning 17 is the ability to sing “16 going on 17” and “Dancing Queen”. The simple things make me happy, okay? xD

England is pretty much under water. It’s currently calm where I am, but I suspect it’ll become windy and rainy again! I think some tiles are loose as I keep hearing them flapping about, not good!

Not much else has been happening lately, I’ve been chatting to friends online a lot, really. We’ve also had a few orders every now and then, which is a lot easier to manage than the hectic ness of the first few days!

Oh dear, this is a short post. I probably should have planned something. Ah well. I honestly haven’t been in the mood for blogging, sorry about that! My head has been all over the place figuring things out and generally being teenager-y. I think I need to play more video games, to stop thinking. Nothing can go wrong with that, can it? 😉

Well, I shall go now. I just wanted to say hello and all that jazz. I’ll probably blog after my birthday, as I might have something to say then. Who knows? 😛

See you soon!
Jess x

Some more news

Well hello there!! 😀

I still can’t get over the response to the cards when they first came out, you guys will never understand how much it means to me! So, due to popular demand we have re-stocked the sewing cards and released some new ones! 😀 They are on sale here, so yeah. xD Go check them out! 😀 We have quite a few, so hopefully there won’t be the madness of selling out again (although it’s totally okay to, it just may take a little while to restock . . .) xD

I don’t have much else to say at the moment, my brain is completely frazzled so hopefully I can return soon with a non-businessy (that’s a word okay) post! 🙂

See you soon!
Jess x