A “things that I find annoying” post

So hello there! ūüėÄ

So today a¬†guy called Rowan¬†uploaded a video today here. It is probably the most relatable/funniest video I have seen this week. xD¬†It basically talks about how annoying Facebook and Twitter is. Even though you may use either of these social networking sites a lot and yes they are great for keeping in touch with friends or finding people you have things in common with but you always come to one of these posts: “Omg¬†so like this if you think that cancer is horrible and if you don’t YOU WILL DIE!” or “RT if you find this picture hilarious lololololol”. *facepalm* They don’t do anything, seriously, they don’t. The people who¬†post these statuses/tweets are just attention seeking people who want the likes/comments/RTs/Favourites. The thing that really pisses me off is when someone uses Twitter or Facebook to do this: “This person committed suicide, RT if you think suicide is wrong <3”. REALLY?! IF YOU THINK SUICIDE IS WRONG THEN DON’T TWEET ABOUT IT AND BEG FOR RTS HELP THEM WHEN THEY NEED IT! Arghhhhhh. Anyway. Moving on from that.
Social media is a curse and a blessing. On one hand you get to see and hear all about the lives of different people all over the world. On the other hand you get to see all the twats¬†that exist. Now I’m not being like “Ugh people are so annoying I wish I was alone boohoo¬†*flips hair over face*” but seriously. There are some really stupid people on Facebook/Twitter. How many pictures do we need to see of tits or dicks? None to be fair, but no, people still post them. *sigh* Like Rowan mentions, profile pictures are one of the most annoying things ever. “omg¬†so lyk¬†i¬†need a new pp but im so uglyyy¬†tht¬†i¬†just picked a random 1.” they then get all these comments going “oh shut up your gorgeous bbz¬†<3” (ahem using the wrong your/you’re there you idiots) etc etc..
I don’t know, sometimes there are those days when you just want to facepalm¬†at the internet so much your hand goes through your head. Today is one of those days. xD¬†I’m not completely against the internet, because otherwise I would not have the friends that I do have now but it’s just those twats¬†that are so stereotypically stupid you have no idea whether to laugh or cry. xD¬†So there is my little post about the idiot side of the internet. Hope you enjoyed my little rant/general facepalm and write soon hopefully!
Jess x


Mood swings/general catch up

Woah¬†an actual post! ūüėģ Anyway xD

Now, I’m not talking about mood swings where you go from happy to sad to excited etc., I’m talking about the “Today I want to listen to psychedelic rock and dress like a hippie!” to the “Today I want to expand my brain to be like Sherlock Holmes and¬†dress like a woman from the 1890s.” mood swings. Is that just me? xD End of last month/beginning of this month I was very into the 60s (I go¬†through phases. This time it was very useful as I learnt the organ/verse part of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles on guitar!) and bought some hippie clothing (Which I absolutely adore!). Now I’ve really got into Sherlock Holmes again and want to find some dresses like this to buy. I love all the phases I go through, although it’s a bit annoying that I can’t just settle on one. xD

I’ve always been like it. But I always kind of go back to one style. I always seem to go back to the classical style, it just suits me more. I’ve always had a love for classical music (Tchaikovsky, Elgar, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart etc.), even playing¬†violin since Year 3 (I am now trying to re-teach myself.). When I was younger¬†I would see the English National Ballet at¬†the theatre in the city where I live with my family and eventually (My friend persuaded me.) joined the local ballet lessons (I did move a few months after joining which sucked as I would¬†have loved to¬†continue that.). I don’t know why, I guess it’s my love of history, but I just love that era. I think I may just be a very weird child but¬†hey, I’m used to it. xD

With moving house¬†I have to try to¬†decide what kind of room I want. I’d love a hippie den (Even if I don’t go with this idea I’m still having my poster of John Lennon up in my room!) but I’d also like something with a worldy¬†(New word.) feel to it (Scandinavian, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Egyptian). But again I’d also like something of a classical feel to it (I definitely want a typewriter. There are no two ways about it.). So basically with most of the consoles from the late¬† 80s/early 90s, some mixed up theme from the ones I’ve described and a typewriter it shows who I am very well. xD

I don’t really know what the point of this was but I enjoyed letting you see the inside of my very confused mind. xD¬†So amongst my conflicted-ness not a lot has been going on. I’ve just been spending my time packing, seeing my friends, more packing, getting stressed and sorting through stuff. xD¬†Such fun. xD¬†I have recently got back into stalking The Sims 3 forums again as it’s quite close to the release of Seasons. xD¬†Yay for geekiness. xD

Anyway I should probably go now, I’m hungry and have a dehydration/stress headache. xD
Jess x