Room Tour! (Guest room edition)


I’ve finally gotten round to taking the pictures of the guest/study room so now I can write this post! 😀

We spent the Thursday before moving/decorating emptying out both rooms… Or at least trying to make it easier to move things. Mum and I spent the day measuring the sofa bed and the furniture from my room as we weren’t 100% it’d all fit. *coughs* We’d reassured dad that it’d be fine so we spent most of Thursday/Friday panicking a bit. Whoops?

It was at this point we realised how much fabric mum actually has!

It was at this point we realised how much fabric mum actually has!


How will we fit it all in??

How will we fit it all in??

On the Friday dad got started painting pretty early. I mostly stayed out of the way by sitting downstairs and watching The Hobbit behind the scenes. Quite a fun way to spend the time. 😉 The first thing we moved into the room after it was painted was my bookshelf (the most important thing, obviously!) but I couldn’t finish putting my books on the shelf as the paint was still a bit wet. I have a few pictures of the process but they’re a bit bad. So you’ll have to use your imagination for that bit!

On Saturday we put the remaining furniture in and I spent most of the day sorting out all the drawers as they were a bit messy. I will add that now they’re as messy as they were before I sorted them. Oops! I then spent the rest of the day resting and the parents went out to Ikea to get things for mum’s sewing room!

And now for the bit you’ve actually wanted to see! I’ll start from as you enter the room. Please mind the little messes everywhere, I still do need to put some things away!

A lot of Hobbit-y/LotR things, if you haven’t noticed! I want to make a little display on the TV wall so I might document that when I eventually get round to it. I really like the room and it makes me quite happy to be in it. It also feels a lot cosier, so it makes the darker nights much more enjoyable!

Well, that’s the tour! Not much of one, as I’m never good at writing these but I hope you enjoyed the nose. 🙂
See you soon!
Jess x


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