Introducing . . .

Hello there blog! 🙂 How’re you all doing? I thought I’d do something a little different for the next two posts. I’ve been reading LandGirl1980’s blog and her posts about her Great Great Grandfather really intrigued me. As you probably know I do like family and history so I thought I would write about my two great grandparents I had the pleasure of growing up with. This post will probably be quite a long one so bear with. 😉

The first grandparent I will be talking about his my great-grandfather Doug (Grampy Doug). He was my dad’s granddad. 🙂 He was born in 1917 and sadly died in 2005. I am very grateful to have spent 8 years of my life growing up with him and eventually helping him out around the house and garden when he wasn’t able to. He was a right old character, quite stubborn and very cheeky. 😀

I asked my nan (his daughter) what he did in the war as I like to know what part my family had in helping out with the war effort in WWII. My nan couldn’t find out much as things are still packed away but we do know he was a driver in the army and was a Private. 🙂

I have this picture of me and him (It’s a dodgy photo, sorry. Cameras weren’t quite as amazing as they are now xD). I don’t remember what this was for, probably Christmas or New Year as I seem to remember going to his house after being at my Nan’s and I interrupted him during a soap opera. xD I think at this point I was trying to get him to wear a party hat. I think he did in the end, to humour me. xD
When I was younger and after we’d visited on a Saturday or Sunday, he’d give me a 20p and say “Don’t go spending it all at once!”. 😀 I think he still might have been on old money but I’d go to the shop just down the road from him with my dad and we’d find a chocolate bar. Of course being 6 or 7 I’d wolf it down in the car on the way home but there we are!

I also remember in his kitchen he had one of those big cabinet/bureau things and he had his inhalers all lined up in a row. My parents would go “Doug, have you taken your inhalers recently?” and he’d always answer “Yes, of course I have!” Even though there was a layer of dust on them. Stubborn so and so!

He also had a wheat allergy so would bake these biscuits that were wheat free (There wasn’t as a good a range as there is now back then so it was like it or lump it!). Now, I love my granddad but they were quite disgusting. xD I think the first few visits I can remember he’d offer them to me with a smile and I would take one. I think I hoped they’d get better but they didn’t. I learned to politely decline them. Bless him, though.

In his kitchen on the counter he had this radio:
I don’t think I remember hearing it play but it’d be on the side. When he died dad got it so I remember him plugging it in to see if the tubes still worked in it. Thankfully it did so we’d listen to it in the morning. We just started playing it again to make sure it works. It makes such a lovely crackle as it warms up. 😀

When he was more poorly, dad and I would make his garden tidy and sort the house out. We used to take picnics to eat in the garden (although ants would come and try to invade the food so we gave up on that idea.). Grampy would come out and see if we were okay before going inside to watch the omnibus of whatever soap was on. xD One day my cousin and I went to see him while my dad and his brother (my cousin’s dad) were sorting out his garden and my cousin went to the bathroom and there was a massive spider in there. We went to speak to grampy but he told us to stop fussing. My dad had to come in and Hoover it up. Grampy just grinned. xD

I’ve been told that Grampy and my great nan would see each other on the bus sometimes when they were heading into town/going back home. I don’t think my granddad really knew who she was but she’d go “Alright Doug? What are you doing today?” and he’d reply “Oh I’m getting things for the old folk, you know.”. Hehe, even though he was in his 80s he was still helping out the old folk. xD

At my birthday parties he’d always laugh away at me when I opened a new toy or whatever it was I had opened. There’s a really nice photo of me and him when I’ve opened a present and he’s got his arms folded and a massive smile on his face, mid laugh. There’s also another of just me and him on the 60th anniversary of VE Day. Obviously at the time I didn’t quite understand why we were visiting him then but I’m very glad I got to see him on that day. 🙂

I think that’s all I can remember about my granddad. He was awesome and I loved him very much, even with those biscuits. 😀 Hehe, in all seriousness I’m very glad I got to know him and spend so long with him. 🙂