I know I should write. I should write here, on a side project I’m still attempting to work on, with stories I hope to improve, in my own personal record of my life, but. ┬áThat’s a big one right there. I can’t motivate myself to do the work that fills me with joy and I know I need to do it. My life will get busy quite soon and it’ll be great I’m sure, but in the meantime – before I run out of precious time – I need to write.

There’s one story I’m working on, which I have previously mentioned, that will probably take several years to produce just because I want to get it perfect and my English skills need to be 100% before I can even think about putting it out there. There’s another story that you might know about if you have read the blog I have with Ann, Lines for the Mind. You won’t be able to find that now as I have taken it down to re-write as I feel it has potential and at the moment it’s so badly written I don’t think it should be available until it’s written exactly how I feel it should be. I’m actually planning it out properly, sorting out the characters and┬áthe plot (kind of, I want a loose idea of the direction, characters have a mind of their own as we all know) and it seems to be working out quite well. Fingers crossed I manage to get somewhere with it.

This has probably made no sense (I find myself saying this way too often for my liking) but I did say I’d hopefully get this up and I did.

I shall see you soon, if rewriting doesn’t finish me off!
Jess x