This isn’t goodbye

Hi there!

Well, I mentioned in my last post that I have grand ideas (maybe I shouldn’t big them up too much?) for this blog and I do… But not for here.

I feel like, for Rose Vampire, it’s come to an end. I’ve sort of debated this for a little while and thought that making a new blog (while leaving this one up) was a good idea. A lot of things have happened on here and there are some posts that I’m really proud of but I’ve grown up.

‘It’s not you, it’s me.’
Shush, thoughts.

I have set up a new blog, which will now be my main one, starting tomorrow. If any of you still want to follow my adventures, they’ll be over here on a site that I have creatively called Rose Wrote. On any of the sites that I share to, it’ll now be that one and as most of my readers come from those sites… At least you know? 😛

I think that’s all… In summary, same account, same person sitting at her laptop writing rambly posts and this site will still be available if anyone happens to stumble across it or wants to re-read (why?? xD) some of my posts!

Thanks for being there these past 3 years, you’ve seen me through a lot of good moments. 🙂
See you on the next one,
Jess x


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