Summer time!

Hello there! 🙂

I’m still here, I’ve just been going out quite a lot and seeing friends. I’ve sort of over-done it so I’ve been trying to chill out this week. In between going out I’ve been making a skirt (Pretty In Pink makes me want to make clothes! Also once it’s finished I’ll be posting a blog post with pictures of the progress 🙂 ) and planning a project for my little cousin (Again, once the first part of that is complete I’ll be posting a blog post about it). 🙂 Very exciting!

Now that schools have broken up it properly feels like summer, we even had a bit of sun today! 😮 I’ve had the usual emotional crap of wanting to go back to school to feeling happy because I can catch up on schoolwork to being upset because people are having holidays or sleepovers to anything else that my brain wants to think about. The beauty of having a brain that over thinks everything . . . Or just have teenage hormones. One of the two. 😉 Because of this I’ve been quite down today, for no particular reason. It’s been nice to chill out though, would’ve been nicer without the mood!

Well, this was a quick little update but I will post those more interesting blog posts when I’ve done them. I will also probably write a post next Friday after watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. 😀

Bye! x