Hello all! 😀

I’m hoping you’re considerably cooler than I am at the moment (although if you’re in western Europe, I think it’s even hotter, so I do feel sorry for you!). England is having a heat-wave and while it is lovely to see bright blue skies, I’m not particularly enjoying the heat that comes with it. Unless, of course, it decides to do a spectacular storm, it might be worth it then. 😉

I’m taking some time out of my current melting status to write a quick blog post. I’m not really sure where I’m going with it, but I felt like writing a relaxed post after the many structured ones of late!

I’ve been a bit busy since Download. I promised myself a while ago that I’d relax a lot afterwards but – as usual! – I’ve kept going, which has resulted in a slightly lower mood, but I seem to be getting past that at the moment. I think the first week after Download I went out a bit more (with the parents or just going on walks around the block) but didn’t do that much until the weekend where I spent a bit of time at my grandparents, as I haven’t had a lot of time with them at the moment. It was lovely to have a little wander round their garden and see how far it’s come since they moved in a couple of years ago!

After that I was pottering around. The weather hasn’t really stuck to one setting, as it were, so any activities have been varied, though I did go out into town a lot with the parents quite frequently! The weekend just gone we had a trek around car sales places (great phrasing!) as we’re considering getting a car that mum would be able to drive. I think we were all grateful that it was a bit cloudy the day we went, as if it’d been like this I think we might’ve all ended up on the floor!

What else, oh! I’ve been “sorting” (read: attempting to get rid of things but ending up keeping them all) through my DVDs and records. A wild life for an 18 year-old, eh? All I got from “sorting” was that I need to now impose a ban on buying those things as well as clothes (and books, but I’m ignoring that one). I forgot what I had though, so I’ve compiled a list of all of the DVDs and will eventually print it off and stick it on the inside of the cupboard they’re stored in. This is how I spend my evenings now!

I’ve also been thinking of some blog post ideas. I’ve quite enjoyed this year’s writings so far (however ranty they may have ended up *coughs*) and I feel like I’ve gained some confidence in my blogging, which I’ve definitely been unsteady about since I made this ‘ere site. While I’ve not thought about many posts for over here, I’ve thought about a couple for my second blog (which has been a bit neglected, oopsadaisy) which I hope to get up soon! I know one will be up by the end of the week, if I can get all the pictures I need for it!

I was also inspired by Ann’s blog post as I need to sort out how I manage my health. I have made several attempts at doing it this year alone, but I’ve always ended up leaving the notebook where I kept my tips on the side buried under a pile of crap. Totally not my fault at all… I don’t need to do any weight thingies or fitness (though it’d probably be useful in the future. At the moment playing bass is workout enough and as long as I get a walk in every week, my legs get a good stretch!) but I do need to loosely manage activities/resting. Of course me being me I can’t pace or anything (not strictly speaking, anyway) but I do want to be able to do more so fingers crossed I find something that helps a lot!

Anyway, this post had no direction and is pretty pointless as it stands, but yes, at least it’s an update of sorts!
I shall see you soon,
Jess x


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