Download Festival 2015

Hello! 😀

I have been putting off writing this as I really didn’t want it to feel like Download is now a distant memory, but alas, I must for the sake of keeping this blog alive (and I want to show the bands, obviously). It’s been two weeks now and I still miss it (though not as badly as the last time . . . Probably because this time it was a lot more wet – spoilers!). But anyway, let’s start from the beginning!

Friday was a really horrible day. Crappy weather and it really wasn’t all that enjoyable. Pretty torrential rain on and off left a very soaked through me, not fun at all. We caught most of Thunder (how ironic) and then Black Stone Cherry. Thunder were really good. I don’t really listen to their music but live they sounded pretty okay! Then it was a wait for a little while for Black Stone Cherry to come on. The wait felt like forever, but with a very nice chatty lady next to us time went by a bit faster! When they came on they apparently had quite a few technical difficulties (Ben’s pedal board got waterlogged, I think. Trust England, eh?) but they still were really awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. Not sure the payoff of being soaked through was worth it though! My voice quickly vanished after the first 3 songs but I somehow managed to join in the out of tune singing. 😉

Saturday started off with me having my MRI, which was quite interesting. I’m sure I’ll write about it when I get my results (maybe, who knows). Anyway, after that early start I was quite sleepy but I ended up having no nap, because I live on the wild side. So to speak. Ehehe. We went out in the afternoon to buy some waterproof trousers, just in case the forecast was lying (quite possible) and it decided to be chaos for Muse. We got back to the site in time to see the remainder (or the start, not really sure) of Faith No More, which satisfied mum’s teenager. Here are some pictures of their lovely flower arrangements.
Excuse the many jaunty angles that there will be in following pictures. You’re lucky that they’re even in the frame, to be quite honest!

After they had finished I kept an eye on the stage because I wanted to see how they changed the sets. I took a lot of photos of the roadies changing it all. There was one who had to sweep up all the petals from the FNM set, it amused for a good little while. Then the chatter died down and MUSE CAME ON. Sorry, got a bit excited there.
Hmm, Matt seems a little grainy in that one. Sorry about that.
Better. 🙂

The whole set was lovely and heavy – an excellent choice for their first foray into Download! If people had been dubious about how much of a reaction they’d get, I can safely say the majority was a very large positive one! Nearly everyone knew the words to the opener (Psycho. They were all shouting “Aye, sir!” along to the video) and subsequently the mood was set for an excellent time. There were a few iffy moments (I think Muse – possibly Matt in particular) underestimated the response they’d get as there weren’t many chances to clap and scream, but once Plug In Baby came on everyone got the chance to “woo” along to the guitar before they went into playing the song. After that there were more chances to clap – yay. 😀 All in all I really loved their performance and while it doesn’t quite live up to Rammstein (my own thoughts of course and they are two completely different genres, but eh) I would definitely go see them again (most likely at a festival – purely for sound reasons).

The next day we were all a bit weary (dad especially – mud, steep hills and wheelchairs are not forgiving) but I was definitely excited for the earlier night we had. In fact I was counting down to coming home before we left. That probably sounds really bad, but I can assure you it wasn’t!

We got there in time to see the remainder of Billy Idol’s set (fair play to him, really), which was alright. Not particularly my cup of tea, but there we are. Another chatty lady was sat next to us so we spoke to her for a while during the set change. Slash came on and mum got excited over Myles Kennedy. I got excited over the bassist. I think we were both missing the point of seeing the one and only Slash . . .

Sweet Child :)

Sweet Child 🙂

The crowd were a bit pants for them, which I felt was undeserved. Though when they did all the crowd favourites (i.e not their own material) everyone livened up a bit. Mum felt quite sorry for them all, but there we are!

After Slash was a little break for Mötley Crüe so we continued chatting to people around us (some Scottish blokes came up to us and asked if we were the ones they’d seen the previous night. While they were familiar to us, we weren’t the ones they were on about. I think we might’ve seen them the last time though!). When Mötley came on I got a little bit excited. Just a little bit. 😉 Unfortunately most of the lyrics had left my Lyric Storage Container so I mainly danced along (and kept a close eye on Nikki and Mick). Dad took a couple of pics of them for me (mainly Nikki, as requested!) as I just wanted to enjoy it. My camera battery was running low as well, not the best planning on my part!
Nikki had some slight issues with his microphone (In the bottom one, the wind kept blowing it away from him, very amusing to watch lol) so kept going over to Mick’s side to use his instead. I’m glad I saw them before it was the end, but I feel like I went mainly to satisfy my 13/14-year-old self (nothing wrong with that of course!). They left quite a long pause between their last song and then the very last song (Home Sweet Home) which meant that most people had already vacated by the time they came back to do it. Unfortunate but that’s what you get, I suppose!

The journey home was quite quick, as I guess people would leave after KISS instead, but I was definitely glad to get up and curl up under a blanket!

All in all I really enjoyed the weekend (aside from the downpour, obviously!) even though it felt like I was satisfying my early teenager-dom rather than going as a fan. It might have been because of the mood I was in, but who knows! I’m looking forward to reliving it again this weekend, as the highlights are on Sky Arts. At least there’s no chance of getting soaked when watching it on the telly, eh? 😉

With that, I shall go now!
See you soon,
Jess x



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