This week’s focus

Hello again! 😀

I’m back with another post! It feels like ages since the last one even though it’s really only been 7 days, go figure. I feel like this month has dragged on but also hasn’t. Am I making any sense? Probably not.

Since my last post things have pretty much been the same. I’ve managed a few car trips (even one today for a longer distance) and played music a lot. I finally received my MRI date, which is something I’m relieved about. Once I saw the letter I said “What’s the betting it’s on a Download date?” and lo and behold, it’s on the morning (at 9:15!!! Ew!!!) of Muse. After a late night out seeing Black Stone Cherry, it’s straight to bed then off to see the MRI peeps and then probably back home to have a sleep before Muse. My parents keep telling me that what happens, happens and if I can’t manage Muse it’s something that I’ll have to put up with. In my mind however I am going to see Muse regardless. Watch my views on that change after the MRI. 😉 I’m glad it has finally come through though, one step closer to figuring out what on Earth is going on!

I had a joyous evening yesterday going through all my letters from my psychologists/rehab people (totally professional names of course) regarding the M.E diagnosis. It’s interesting to see how it all fluctuated at different points (and after reading some of the school things I’m still tempted to share that stuff in a later post) and is worth bringing up some of the symptom-y stuff if nothing shows up on the MRI. I’m amazed at how far I’ve come, though. I seem to forget a lot of what happened in the early stages of my severe stage and it impresses me how far I’ve come with both this illness and the anxiety. It sucked to have to read through it all but it was worth the reward of feeling like I have improved these last 7 years! I also may or may not have written down some of the advice they had given me back then so that it may help me get through this period in life (but we won’t tell anyone that, will we? 😉 ), fingers crossed it helps!

Going on to some more cheerful stuff (since when have I turned into a medical blog – sorry if it is boring anybody!), I went out to the local antique fair thing that I’ve mentioned a few times on here, it was different this time – slightly less interesting things around – but I did get a couple of purchases (and some things yesterday at a local antiques/vintage shop) so I might do a post in a little while showing the things I bought, we need some more pictures on here! Hopefully the lighting will improve so I can take some good’uns. England has decided to bestow on us the beauty of grey skies, maybe it knows it’s bank holiday.

With that said, I shall probably leave you. Another long post about medical bits and bobs! At least it isn’t long until Download now, then I’ll have lots of pictures for you all! 😀
See you soon,
Jess x


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