Update time


It’s a been a little while, eh? I can actually say it was because I was busy, shock horror! Well, there were many days in between that I did absolutely nothing, but I think that’s well deserved! To the catch up!

Since my last post I had a meeting with college which went . . . Well it didn’t go very well. Things are slowed down a bit at the moment but I won’t bother going into it in this post (I’ll probably say a lot about it next month for M.E Awareness Day, which may be a two-parter as it’s such a lengthy topic).

After that we’ve (dad) been busy doing up the a section of the garden for my kitchen garden!!! We haven’t been growing our own veg since our last house and I’ve been going on about doing it again here. It took a little bit of wearing down but I finally have it! 😀 Here is a little tour:

Full view

Full view


Some little hanging baskets with Pansy Violas either side of a trailing plant in the middle :)

Some little hanging baskets with baby faced Pansies either side of a trailing plant in the middle 🙂


A mixture of veg growing

A mixture of veg growing



The veg bed


We have lost one of the tall veg (broccoli) due to a caterpillar being greedy. 😦 We also now have a herb bed thingy (the technical name, obviously!) that dad built on Friday so we just need to get the herbs going now. 🙂 Dad also bought me a lovely new watering can – a mint (I think) and cream colour – to replace the slightly rusty baby watering can we’ve had for a little while!

We had a few days out at local places, one being a walk around a local National Trust estate (which was probably too far of a distance as my legs were dying afterwards). It was such a lovely day out and the history of the house was so interesting, I couldn’t stop breathing out a ‘wow’ every now and then! We also had a day out on Easter Monday to have a picnic and wander around one of the local antique fairs (I say one, on our way home we noticed another . . .). I took my film camera so hopefully I’ll get them developed soon and they’ll be good quality. xD I got a couple of things while we were out, here they are:
kate bush

the beatles


Something to remind me of home and adventures with my great-aunt :)

Something to remind me of home and adventures with my great-aunt 🙂

What else . . . Oh! I’ve also been finishing off a costume (Middle Earth Dwarf inspired, should probably take more progress shots than I have, oops) but I shall probably write a post here, which is now a thing, by the way! The little side project I was working on is now up and running and it is called Rose’s Shire Adventures because I am an original person and – as you know – very good at coming up with titles! It’s to try to separate my fangirling from my personal things. I still haven’t quite decided how it’ll work out (in terms of separating posts) but we shall see. I think if I’m making costumes (for that world) it’ll be over on that blog and if I’m making normal clothing/handsewing/whatever else then it’ll be on here. I think that should work (because I’m pretty sure the readers of both blogs will be the same and I don’t want it to be repetitive)! Fingers crossed. 🙂

Well, I think we’re all caught up now! Quite a lengthy post but lots of pictures, which I don’t think as happened in a little while!! I shall see you soon I’m sure. 🙂
Jess x

PS: Sorry for the format of this post, I’m not really sure what happened!


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