Ooh dear, it’s been a little while! This time I do have some excuses!

So, this year marks my 18th year of being on planet Earth, how scary! It really honestly does scare me quite a bit, in my mind I’m still about 11 (maybe 13 on a good day) with all the angsty emotions that went with those years of my life. I know that’s really not true, when I look at pictures from my big day, but alas, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The weekend before my birthday I made the journey down to meet my dad’s family and one of my best friends halfway, so that it wouldn’t be as long a travel for all of us. The journey wasn’t actually too bad, the traffic was pretty non-existent so we managed to get down the motorway without too much hassle, something I’m incredibly grateful for!!

After we’d arrived at the place we were staying, we went out for dinner (quite a big step for me as I usually have to stick to the same place each time, lessens the anxiety). I did end up having an anxiety attack while there, but at least I had managed it! The next day my grandparents came over and we had lovely chats (and a lot of laughter). My nan and I went to play darts, which ended up with an indignant me as she had managed to get two 25s and a bullseye, without any practise. She still rubs it in a bit now!!

I had a little while to rest after that. By rest I mean have several panic attacks due to my lovely pal being a little bit disorganised (still love her though). By 9pm she turned up and we settled in for about 5 hours of catching up. Going to bed at 1am after busy days for the both us was probably not our best idea but it was still a lot of fun, which I think is the important part! The next day my parents left us alone to explore the local area and my pal and I had to fend for ourselves. Luckily we didn’t burn the barn down! *halo* We also attempted to play darts, but the family who owned the place’s dog was sat in the room so pal ended up getting very distracted and made friends with the dog. xD It worked out alright though, as we were both pretty bad at darts!

The journey back was slightly longer than the journey there, due to some of the lanes being closed which was a bit of a bother. Fun times were had on the detour! It was such a relief to get back home though, I feel very Hobbit-like in that as much as adventures seem a nice idea, I’d rather stay at home in my comfort zone and go out for walks if I feel like it. I did really enjoy the weekend away though, was quite nice to be able to have a different view out the window!

I had three and a bit days after that to rest up (which obviously happened *coughs*) and get my energy back on form for the big day. It came around and I spent most of the day trying to get ready (and mum fussing with me because I was taking too long) but I think it turned out pretty okay!
moi 2
I think I did pretty okay on the make-up, I certainly don’t look as hanging as I did without it on! Pretty much just as I’d finished getting ready my grandparents and great-aunt came over a few hours before everyone else did so we had some deep discussions (and by that I mean I was voicing my opinions and they nodded along, they usually do that, hehe) and eyed up the food. Dad came home and shortly after that my aunt, uncle and cousin turned up. I was greeted with a hug and a kiss from my cousin, which was very sweet of him!

My grampy and I ended up drawing with my cousin whilst the adults had their adulty discussions! My grampy said that he bet I didn’t expect to be drawing on my 18th, but I was quite happy with the arrangement! My cousin was quite happy to be around me (instead of usually flitting about between all the people, a reminder of what I was like when I was a kid!) so we had lots of hugs and pictures taken, very amusing when I introduced him to the world of polaroids!!

Eventually everyone, apart from my aunt, went home so my aunt and I had some chats and we rewatched old Christmas plays that we used to do. Very amusing, although I stopped the videos before it got to anything embarrassing, as I knew her and mum would end up laughing at little me, something I wasn’t prepared for! We ended the night with a few glasses of wine (one glass of schnapps for me, with a lot of lemonade. I’m not prepared for alcohol in the slightest, my friends probably get amazed that I drank any at all) and went to bed at midnight, leaving behind the busy day of my journey into 18dom.

Since then I have been hurriedly trying to get back my energy, the past few weeks of adrenaline-fuelled events have finally caught up with me and it’s showing! I have to get enough energy anyway to be able to go to college for an interview on Monday. Another little milestone for me! I’ve been saying I’d be happy to get an interview and now that I have one, I’ll be glad once it’s over!! But, that is the future and not to be worried about until it’s happening. For now I need to prepare for that event and get my energy sorted for it.

Well, that turned out to be a very lengthy post, which I’m sure you’re all secretly grateful for after the break! I can’t say when the next one shall be, but I do have odd bits and bobs to write about so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later!

At any rate, see you soon and thank you for reading this essay!
Jess x

PS: I’m pretty sure I’ve missed things out and made mistakes. Sorry if I have, I’m half awake!


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