Good things

Hiya! 🙂

Since I last wrote I’ve been doing things that make me happy or that will improve areas of life that I enjoy. I’ve joined a garment making class at the local adult education centre and I’ve also booked to go to the local college open day to have a gander and see what they’d say about me doing my GCSE in English. Alongside that my aunt has been helping improve my English to prepare for the fun that will be had at GCSE level. While that is a daunting prospect, it’s fun to get parts of me back. 🙂

I’ve also had no phone (due to deciding to break. For once it wasn’t technically because of me, all I did was put it on the table!) so that has made life a bit more enjoyable. A break that I once promised my friend has become a lot easier without my phone being next to me 24/7 (even though I’m on my laptop for most of the day, but hey, it’s not as draining as the phone). I think my mood as improved slightly as well which has been a great help to encourage me to do what I want to do.

I’ve been trying to think more seriously about what direction I want to go in with my life. It revolves around creativity and history, so I think I need to find a good balance with that. As I said long ago, it always comes back to both things so maybe I should think my options through a lot more. I’ve considered that if this year doesn’t finish me off (lots of exciting things happening!!) I might be able to volunteer at the local charity shop next year, just for some experience and to see how I’d manage with that level of energy-draining activities. Though that might have to wait until after I do my GCSE, if I get on the course.

I assume all this adult-like thinking is due to the fact my birthday is in just less than a month and I feel a sort of responsibility to act my age more. I definitely don’t like it, but I feel that I can’t just continue on making it up as I go along, as I’ve never particularly liked not having a vague outline of a plan. With this swirling around in my head I hope that it’ll help my mental health. It seems to be doing its job so far, so I hope that continues!

Sorry for a particularly wordy post today! This is all that’s been on my mind since I last wrote, so I thought I’d share it with you. Hopefully next month I’ll have some good picture-filled posts for you! 🙂
See you soon,
Jess x


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