A sort of adventure


Today I intended to be adventurous, to follow my inner Hobbit and I achieved that. Kind of. We set out on a relatively short journey to a local village not too far from the airport and went up a massive hill to see all the lands around us. It was quite cold up that hill, so we didn’t stay there for too long. xD I completely forgot to take pictures, it kind of felt wrong to, even though there were some great opportunities. Bad Jess!

On our way out of the village, dad noticed an antiques place advertised so we diverted our route to go see what that was all about. I didn’t think there’d be much, as it is a Sunday and to be quite honest it looked a lot like nothing. Like that old phrase that is way overused never judge a book by its cover. It was a complete treasure trove and we’ll definitely be spending more weekends there, so many things to look at and buy!

We made friends with the people in the second shop we went to (a little vintage-y place, mainly linen and trinkets, odd bits and bobs really), I think mum wants to go back there as they had trim and sewing-related things there! We went back into the courtyard and discovered yet another antique place, but this time it was all stalls. Amazing. It was like antique geek heaven and if I had thought of taking my Christmas money with me I would definitely have had none left!! We made our way around the stalls and found a music one. Cue the rummaging for some good rock vinyl!

A little while later, after much leaning, I made my way out of the place with a bag containing just a few records. You may see a recurring theme with some of them . . .
Sorry for the awful lighting, it’s never kind! I may have bought a few Poison ones, but their music is good so hey! They’re all singles, pretty much and I’m very happy with them! They were all quite cheap as well, so I’m chuffed with that!

So while I didn’t get my dose of Hobbit ness that I wanted, I did end up getting vinyl. That’s always a good day! 🙂
See you soon,
Jess x


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