Summary of 2014

Hello and welcome to the summary of 2014. 🙂

This might be a bit of a weird layout but hopefully you guys are behind it. As I’ve successfully managed to follow my “resolution”, I’ve decided to do a kind of run through of each month? For some months there might not be a respective post, so I’ll write a memory that I meant to do a post about. That way you guys get posts that were probably promised but were never written about. Okay, that was really rambly. Oops.

January –

The definite highlight of January was releasing the cards I had designed and then promptly selling out of them. I’m not usually one to be proud of myself but that was something that still makes me happy to look back on!!

February –

With February came my birthday, which was pretty damn cool for the history lover inside of me!! I still can’t believe I own a CC41 item, even though I’m too scared to ever bring it out of my wardrobe in case I ruin it!

March/April –

At the end of March/beginning of April I reached another achievement by staying over at my grandparents’ house for the first time in absolutely ages. Sure I didn’t cope well with it (partly due to me overdoing it insisting I was fine *coughs*), but I’m still so pleased I managed it! 😀 I also went out with our neighbours first time, which I’m also proud of due to my anxiety of being out with other people!

July –

July was a little bit of a busy month what with going out to a local 1940s event and towards the end of the month having my pal up to stay with me, as it had been nearly 2 years since we’d seen each other!! It was so lovely to spend proper long time with each other (we’d never been able to do so before due to both of us having M.E) and we both can’t wait to do that again!

August –

As I recovered (kind of) from the visit from my pal, I whipped out this blog post on a wall hanging I made to commemorate WWI and a couple of days later I made another post on just a few of the people I knew at that time to have fought in the First World War. Again, not one to be proud of their own work, but those two I’m extremely pleased with! I also discovered a love in Lord of the Rings which, ya know, I believe to be a very good thing. I also began writing exciting things. *evil laughter*

September –

In September I made out on a good adventure like any proud Hobbit would. Even though parts of it were rough and I definitely suffered payback afterwards, I’m still really happy with it. Especially as it’s given me confidence to attempt another holiday next year (but I’m getting ahead of myself now).

October –

In October I turned appreciative, which is a thing I needed to do to sort my mind out. Although it was a bit of an iffy month, that most makes me happy because of the walks I went on. I keep proving my Hobbitness!

November –

November became exciting. After I’d got back my writing, I got back my violin-ness (new word). That was pretty cool. Understatement there . . . A few weeks after that we went out on a trip out to see Noel Fielding, which was awesome. November seemed to be the month I got a lot of me back. I really love theatres!

December –

Now we arrive in December! This month has been pretty quiet but the major thing was definitely going to the cinema and seeing The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. That was really cool. Apart from the crying at the end of the film. That was a bit uncool. xD

Wow this was much lengthier than I had imagined! It’s nice to have written this out though, because I’d seemingly forgotten the good stuff amongst a lot of the bad stuff. Very uplifting. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed this too, it’s like a masterpost of good things!

Well that’s all from me now. I end this year on a happy post and it is also my 100th! A very happy bonus! 😀 Thank you to everyone who made 2014 awesome!
I will see you all in 2015,
Jess x


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