Room tour (part two)

Hello all 🙂

I’m back after the short Christmas break and I hope you had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it). Mine was interesting to begin with and then pretty great, much laughter was had. 🙂 I’m now onto this post which (although I said was going to be about something entirely different) is basically an extension of part one. It’s a bit of a cheaty way to do it, but hey, you know me. 😉

First off, dad built the bookcase that I mentioned in said post a little while ago and it looks pretty fab! I still need to put a few more books on the shelves (like ones I got for Christmas and some that are yet to be bought) but it’s a big improvement on the last one!
I also need to figure out a better way to organise them all but I’ll do that soon. Maybe. 😛

On holiday I bought a Middle Earth map which we finally got a frame for yesterday. It now sits next to my Sherlock Holmes poster! At the moment the frame kind of blends into the wall, but once I decide on what to paint the room, it’ll hopefully stand out more!

Not the best picture, eh?

Not the best picture, eh?

I’m so glad it’s up, now it won’t get dusty or damaged from lying on my desk! 😀

For Christmas I received a Rivendell poster which I’m really in love with! We also bought a frame for that yesterday and put it up.
My room now has a kind of magical (not sure how else to describe it. Immersed in the realm of fantasy seems a bit too lengthy :P) feel to it alongside the history posters, which I need to rejig now as they had to be taken down to fit the map in!

That concludes the rather short room tour! As a little bonus I’ll add a couple of pictures from a walk I went on with dad this morning. I feel you need more pictures to make up for many posts without them!
On that note I shall leave you. I have scheduled a post for the 31st as I’ll be busy, so hopefully I’ve done that right and everything will work smoothly! 😀
See you soon,
Jess x


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