Busy weekend


And I’m paying for it now. Oops. Well worth it though 🙂

So, we went to the Christmas light switch on a couple of days ago and it was really cool! I did take my camera with me but the pictures didn’t come out very well, this is about as good as it got:
The lighting was horrendous. Street lamps are my enemy! It was lovely though and they had a good band playing too 🙂 After all that excitement was over and people moved away we met up with my aunt, uncle and cousin. My cousin decided he’d like to go on one of the rides and asked mum to go with them. Let’s just say my cousin fared better than my mum (much to all of our amusement!) 😀

Yesterday we went to one of the towns near us as they were having a vintage/general Christmassyness (new word) fair. I was a bit disappointed with it, but I think mum and dad enjoyed having the mooch around. We did end up buying a cute little Nutcracker though, which I’m very happy with!

My inner ballet geek is satisfied :)

My inner ballet geek is satisfied 🙂

I probably should’ve spent the evening resting, but instead I ended up wrapping up and searching for presents. There we are!

After a rough night/morning I decided that I needed to spend a lot of today resting. Of course, me being me, I helped dad put up the outside Christmas lights (i.e handed him the lights and generally muttered yes or no in reply to his questions). I loved doing it last year so this year was no different, although my legs are regretting standing up for too long now! I can’t wait for it to be a little darker so they can be put on, they look super pretty on!

So yes, a rather festive weekend and it seems that the weather will join in a bit over this week! 😀 I do love frosty mornings, they’re rather pretty 🙂
See you soon!
Jess x

PS: Sorry for any mistakes, I’m a bit tired!


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