That’s the spirit!


So no pictures for this one, as I’ve still not done what I said I would (running theme this year!) but hopefully this post will do!

The Christmas spirit has slowly caught up with me (although I’m not particularly buzzing with excitement, so hopefully I’m safe energy-wise for now) so I’ve been spending time chilling out reading A Christmas Carol (which is quite difficult to read when you’re picturing The Muppets’ version every ten seconds) and generally looking forward to the Christmas light switch on. I’m still on the hunt for some advent chocolate, which I should probably get ready as it is nearly the first of December. Where has the year gone?!

I’ve been being a busy little elf (can you still be classed as an elf if you’re not actually making things? I hope so) buying things for my nearest and dearest, although for some people I still can’t decide on what to get for them. It’s not that they’re fussy or anything, I just cannot decide on whether to go sentimental or jokey. Every year it’s the same and I usually always settle on the same thing, which isn’t particularly helpful. Speaking of which, I do actually need to make one or two gifts . . . Better write that down before I forget.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s the switch on and hopefully I’ll be able to get some good snaps for you, I can’t promise much as I think it’s meant to be pretty cold tomorrow and my hands are already shaking enough without adding coldness to the mix!

What else . . . I think that’s it, actually! I shall hopefully see you this weekend with a bumper post of pictures and general festivities (no promises this time, you know what I’m like).
Jess x


One thought on “That’s the spirit!

  1. Definitely you are an elf regardless of how the Christmas presents are made. 🙂 And as one of the family I kmow jokey or sentimental your presents will be just right. As Goldilocks says. Xxx

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