Vintage-y room tour (part one)

Hello there! 😀

I’m finally doing the post I had promised a few months ago. I apologise in advance for drastic changes in lighting, some of the pictures were taken in summer and some were taken this morning. There’s a big difference in pretty summer light to dreary October light. 😛 Some things have changed around a bit too, but I forgot to take a picture. Oh well, at least the post is here. 😛

So, we start off with the wall hanging I made in August for the centenary of WWI. It hangs in my “living room” (i.e the room covered in history posters).
Sorry that it’s a bit wonky, I promise it’s not that bad in real life! I’m so happy to have it on my wall, the room feels more . . . Homely, I guess. It’s hard to explain, but if you’re a crafty person and put your things on the walls etc. you’ll get what I mean!

Next is my actual bedroom. I’m really proud with how it’s turning out, I just need to change a few more things and then it will be 100% how I want it 🙂
Again, they’re not as wonky as they appear, that’s just me. I’m really happy with this little arrangement. It feels so nice to finally have my great-great grandparents on the wall. I hope to be able to frame a picture of my great-great aunt (I think that’s what she is to me . . . Not sure) and put her next to my great-great granddad (they were half-siblings. I hope to reunite them in picture form). Maybe I’ll soon be able to add a few more pictures of my family on there as well. 🙂
Also on that wall is this pretty mirror that we’ve had for ages. It makes the room feel a bit lighter and fills up a good space!

I can’t remember if I mentioned, but I inherited a typewriter – much to my delight – and cleaned it up with dad (there were coins in the keyboard bay, no clue how that happened).
We didn’t put it in my room straight away, only in the middle of last month did it finally make its way to my room!
With the addition of a gorgeous hand-crank Singer sewing machine. The typewrite runs beautifully, although I think it may need a new ribbon. The Singer I’ve not had chance to use yet, as I can’t seem to get the lid off, but hopefully I can get sewing this week!

I also bought a chair from the same charity shop as we got the Singer (it’s a very good shop) which also resides in my room, although I have no pictures of it in situ, just when we first got it.
The photo doesn’t really do it justice, the cushioning is a bit more red and the wood is darker, but I do love it a lot! It will sit at the desk I will eventually find. I’ve just kind of realised how much a rejig I do need of both my rooms. Oh bother, that’s not going to be fun! I’m sure there’ll be an updated tour when I’ve got everything right!
We got this un-inspiring looking side table from my granddad, full of books that you can just about see on top of it (thus making the part two for another day). Mum decided to do it up with the promise that it’d look a darn sight better than it does in that picture. We were going to change the dull top for the pretty floral oil cloth that you can see in the picture, as it’s quite vintage-y.
I need to organise it a bit more, but I am so pleased with it!! The colours are so pretty, even though they look a bit washed out in the picture. I really love how it looks in my room and hope to do the bookcase that dad will make me in the same green, to tie it in a bit. I bought some frames from a charity shop that are pretty much the same colour (unintentionally, this was way before we had the side table!) that I’m going to put up somewhere.

Overall I’m really pleased with how my room looks and how it’s developed since we moved in. It’s coming up to two years since we moved in, so it’s nice for it to be finally looking like how I want it to!

I hope you enjoyed this little nose, I don’t think it was very good but it was too pretty not to share, hehe. I’m off to make things and plan what to do with my other room, so I’m sure there will be a post about that when I get round to discussing that with the parents!
See you soon!
Jess x


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