Thinking (again)

Sometimes life decides to treat you to a setback. The typical “one step forward, two steps back”. It’s incredibly frustrating having them, but you have to bear in mind you’ve got through it before so you can darn well do it again. It’s extremely trying of your patience, but if you keep at it you can usually get through it and get back on track.

I’m writing this from my sickbed. Not fun, I’ll tell you that. It’s a combination of having majorly overdone it and somehow managing to catch a bug. The rare times I go out and this one time I catch one?! Not fun! During the day I’m coping by listening to music and watching films (although there are only so many crap ones you can watch in a row), but once night hits it gets pretty tough. Any memories I can usually block out of being super poorly come back to me and it really, truly sucks.

But, as well as feeling sorry for myself, I know I can rest up enough to get my health back on track and get back to my normality. I’ve been listening to my body and its needs for over 5 years now (I’d say 6 but I didn’t listen when I was first diagnosed), so I’m hearing it out when it’s telling me to stay in bed and rest a lot – which I’m sure it’s grateful for. Sure it’s gonna take a bit of work and I certainly haven’t been great all year anyway, but I know it’ll be worth the enforced rest. It has scuppered a few plans that I’d hope to be able to do this week – visit my grandparents for instance – but I do know rest is best . . . How cheesy.

I’m certainly not someone to preach about staying focused on the positive, because geez I hardly do that myself, but if I know it’s worth it then hey, why not? I know a lot of people struggle to focus on the outcome if you work hard at something, but it is very worth it, even if it’s hard as hell. I wouldn’t say that this post is meant to be a positive thing, because it’s mainly me trying to drill it into my head (if you hadn’t already cottoned on to that) but I do hope it might help someone reading it.

Sorry for a bit of a moan, but here it is anyway. Normal service to be resumed soon. 🙂
Jess x


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