Oh look, here I am with a post that isn’t what I meant to write and that’ll bore everyone (mainly my friends).

Do you ever get so immersed in a world that is unlike our own that, once you get a bit of reality in the face, it sucks? It doesn’t even have to be a fictional world, it can be something creative (music, art, crafts etc.), theories on the universe or something like that.

I’ve spent the last, oh I don’t know, few weeks maybe? Stuck in the world of Middle Earth and things of a folky nature, something I’ve not really explored before. It’s an interesting experience, a lot different from my gothic or historical tendencies – although I did once delve into the world of hippie-ness after listening to The Beatles for a long while. I love being surrounded by something that’s been a fascination of mine since I was first introduced to the genre when I was little.

I was brought up on sci-fi and fantasy, something I’m immensely proud of (thanks dad!). From what I can remember, it was Star Wars, Narnia and the stories of the Faraway Tree (Roald Dahl’s books were also fun to read). It was so cool to watch and read these completely different things happen, go on the journeys with them and things like that. It’s something that has always stuck with me and also made influence on my own creative writing.

I’ve just read back on what I’ve written so far and I know my old teachers would be screaming at me for over-using the word something.

I’ve been writing since I can remember. A very cliché thing to say, but it’s true. In reception I wrote a very weird story about a bear (okay, maybe less writing – much to the year 6’s disgust – and more scribbling) to writing a story with my friend about a lonely house (maybe I was on the same level with Tolkien about the Lonely Mountain. No? Just me? Okay . . .). I’d like to say that my writing has gotten a lot better, but I can’t be the judge of that (neither can my parents).

Since recently re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia (not all of them, due to forgetting where I was in one of the books, but I still remember most of the storylines) and suddenly discovering my love for Middle Earth, I’ve wanted to create my own version of that (briefly mentioned here). A mystical world, that represents our one but in a different period entirely. There’s something quite weird about deciding to do that., I find It’s a conscious decision of mine to spend my whole life achieving this, whether or not I’ll try to publish it is another thing. I s’pose you could say I’m a fool for attempting this, which is probably quite true. Another reason it’s a hard decision to make is because you’re always a bit worried people will think you’re directly going to copy your inspiration, but that’s not true. Some of it may be a bit like it but purely because of that, inspiration.

My family knows that I’ve had difficulties with my writing and always struggle with believing in myself to continue the passion. A long time ago I used to write poems, which are horrendous looking back on them (trust me), so it doesn’t always fill me with the best confidence. One of my best moments, which I will never forget, is when I had written a chapter of something that’s quite . . . Different, I suppose. It was essentially the result of being bed bound for too long with a bird with a broken beak as your only friend. Sad but true, that. Anyway, I’d written this chapter and was excited to show my uncle, who studied great works of English literature and all that jazz. I showed it to him and he read it then gave me a puzzled look. He could not understand the point I was coming from with it. I was quite confused, everybody else had understood it and liked the images it gave them, yet he couldn’t. Someone who had studied great authors. It gave me a little kick that me, at 12, had confused my something-old uncle (I’m really bad with ages, sorry uncle). Whether it was a good thing or not, is anyone’s guess, but it gave me some confidence to continue doing my thing.

Whether or not this works out for me, I’m happy to attempt it. The works of Lewis and Tolkien will stay with me, purely because of the relief I find in those stories. Adaptations of both have given me joy as well. I want to do the same. It’s a big aspiration, but as they say, you write what you want to read. I want to make other people feel the joy I get from these two writers. Whether it’s through my own creations or pestering people to read/watch those stories (looks pointedly at my friend group).

Well, I know that’s been extremely rambly, but I hope for people close to me that’s some kind of explanation as to why I’ve been a little absent. As for other readers of my blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed it (even if you haven’t, well done for reading this long a post. I have biscuits for you).

I hope to see you all soon,


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