Holiday times

Hello all!

I’m back from my weekend break and thought I’d write a quick little summary of it for you! 🙂 Please excuse any bad pictures, I was using my phone for most of them and the zoom isn’t very good quality!

We arrived late on Friday so a lot of that afternoon was spent organising things and unpacking.

Felt like Bilbo  "I'm going on an adventure!"

Felt like Bilbo “I’m going on an adventure!”

After we’d finished with that we went to the shopping bit, where I bought a Middle Earth map poster and a gift for my cousin. I got very excited about the map and will try to find a frame for it so it can go up in my room! Pictures to follow I’m sure xD After that we had a meal out, although I was a bit too anxious to enjoy the food. We went to bed after a bit of a boring wait for some good things to come on TV (I tried to persuade the parents to buy me a colouring book or some games in the shop but they said it was ridiculous. Not so much when we were all a bit bored, eh? :P).
We did nothing for the whole morning and into the early afternoon as we had an archery session later on in the day, which I needed to rest up for.

Mum gave into my request for a colouring book

Mum gave into my request for a colouring book

"May I come in?"

“May I come in?”

Unfortunately, I was unable to do much of it (maybe able to shoot 6 arrows before having to give in entirely, about 5 minutes worth of the hour activity). I didn’t have the strength to pull back the bow and ended up having extremely sore arms. I then panicked and burst into tears. The instructor looked a bit concerned, bless him, and another man tried to cheer me up, which I’m very grateful for. I sorted myself out a bit and watched as mum and then dad both got bullseyes.

Mum's bullseye

Mum’s bullseye

Dad's bullseye

Dad’s bullseye

After that small disaster, we went back to the apartment thingy and the parents went out for a meal. I ended up talking to my friends who tried to calm me down, but the frustration got to me and I ended up having a little break down. We then watched last night of the proms, which was alright, but I kept having little bouts of panic attacks which ruined the fun a bit. We soon went to sleep and I really hoped for a better day.

We decided to go out for a bit and have lunch out. Dad and I decided to play some air hockey (which he thrashed me at) and then we went to play some pool (which he also thrashed us at).

I got given a shorter cue as I couldn't use the adult one

I got given a shorter cue as I couldn’t use the adult one

We then went for lunch, which was absolutely amazing and I wish we’d gone there more often!! Such lovely food. I forgot to take a picture of it, because I kinda just dove in, but I assure you it looked and tasted great. xD After that we came home for a rest and had a guest:
We managed to persuade him to leave before he invited his friends over too. I don’t think he was very happy about it, but there we are. xD I also called my nan briefly as I wanted to talk to her. 🙂 We left to do some gift shopping and then go bowling. The next few pictures are very saddening for me . . .

Doing well!

Doing well!

Damn it dad

Damn it dad

I asked for a children’s cocktail after that happened.
I was very gutted about my sudden loss of the lead, that every go after that was very, very bad. xD
Yes the lighting was horrendous!
It went pretty horribly for me, as my fingers became more and more tired (and dad annoyed me more and more with his ability to do well *cough*). After our time was up, we left to go back to the apartment thing to pack everything up and watch a bit of TV before going to sleep.

We were up and going pretty early (for us at least) to be able to check out to make the journey home. Thankfully it seemed to fly by and I was soon reunited with a stroppy bunny rabbit, of that I am very glad. I did enjoy holiday, even though it was very tiring and stressful. I was very happy to come up and be able to curl up in my bed for a bit!!

On that note I shall go to bed, as I am very tired, so I apologise if a lot of this doesn’t make sense! I hope you enjoyed having a nose at my holiday. 🙂
See you soon!
Jess x


2 thoughts on “Holiday times

  1. I think your post was a great summary of your first holiday for so many years. It sounds like a bit of a roller coaster for you! I’m pleased to read that, on the whole, you enjoyed it. Xxx

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