Writer’s block

It sucks.

Like, really sucks. I still have those blog posts to go up, but I can’t find the motivation to take pictures and write it up (I’m very lazy, I know) so it’s going to be a bit late . . . Again. I also have loads of inspiration and ideas to write up my stories, but I’m lacking something. Either that or I’m so overwhelmed that it’s blocking anything I can do. Hummm. I’m hoping that when I go on holiday next week, I’ll be able to find my motivation and get stuff sorted (I also hope to write a few blog posts afterwards, although you should know by now not to trust that :P).

A lot of it could also be due to the fact that school as started up again, which I always find difficult. I stand by what I said last year and I probably always will, but it does suck sometimes, when your friends are off at school (even if it does suck and the schools are bad) and you’re stuck at home not knowing what to do with yourself because you’re exhausted and fed up. Such fun . . . I was going to try to get on top of some studying (mainly so I could get into the swing of things before hopefully doing that course next year) but I’ve majorly overdone it again so it’s a bit back to square one here. Deep breaths. I’m resting up as much as I can before said holiday, so that I will be able to enjoy it. Finger crossed.

Apart from struggling to write, I’m just mainly trying to keep my head above water. It’s proving difficult and I really don’t like feeling this way, but that’s life, I guess. I may be a bit silent this month, but we’ll see where it takes me. I have things planned to write about for this blog and hopefully they can still happen, but we’ll see.

Sorry for a slightly depressive post, but thought I should explain the little delay.
See you soon,
Jess x


2 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. Aww Jess. I hope the holiday with a change of scenery brings you some peace. As Mum says, you will get there.
    Thinking of you. Love you lots. Xxx

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