A special wall hanging

Hiya all,

Today I am here to show you the wall hanging I have made for the WWI Centenary. It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally finished it. I was determined to do so, as I really didn’t want to let down the men that had fallen in our family in the war (I’ll be doing a separate post about them on the 4th – the day war was declared in Britain). Enough of my rambling, here are the pictures:
Here I had cut out green pieces for the hills and backed them with bondaweb. With a bit of a trim they finally fit on the white backing.
With it finally fitted I backed it with some wadding and set to work machine sewing the hills down.
After that I began the arduous task of cutting out several poppies to fill up the green space. Thankfully I had made a few from a few years ago when I first had the idea to make it, so it didn’t take as long as I had expected.
It started to look really pretty and then I got daunted. I had to embroider the date onto it and I couldn’t bear to do it, in case I screwed up the whole thing. So I dived into it and kept going.
001 (2)
I’m so glad I did it, even if it did go a bit bad towards the end. I really should learn how to embroider properly, but as it was the first proper time I’ve done it, I’m not too fussed. I decided that for the back I wanted a bit of colour (a green) and to do some more poppies in a cross to finish it off.
008 (2)
I’m so pleased with it. At the time I preferred it to the front, mainly because it was simplistic. I added a tag at the back and set to finish it (i.e leave it alone for a few weeks).
007 (2)
009 (2)
So after my pal left today (expect a blog post soon sometime this week), I decided I was going to finish it. As the 4th of August is looming I really felt the pressure to finish it. Mum helped me to do the binding and sew it on, then this evening I finished it off by hand. I apologise to my friends for ignoring them a bit as I powered through the exhaustion to finish it.
067 (2)
The back is kind of messy (first time binding) and I need to add the hanging device (for lack of a better word) but other than that it is complete!! I’m so proud of it and as soon as I can get dad to put it up I will include it in a future blog post. 🙂

So after all the stress it was very worth it and I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at this project. 🙂 I’m sorry the picture quality and text was a bit shoddy, but I’m not used to writing in this style. xD

On another quick note, if you’re interested by this post I’d like to share with you the Lights Out project. It is from a quote of Sir Edward Grey and on the 4th of August you can turn out all your lights and leave one on. That can be the tv (to watch the coverage of events) or a candle or so on. For more information the link is here. I hope you can participate, as it is a lovely idea. I can’t wait to light my candle.

That is all for now, my friends. I will see you on Monday. 🙂
Jess  x


11 thoughts on “A special wall hanging

  1. It looks beautiful Jess. Clean and elegant. I think of it as having a double front, not a front and back. As both sides represent your message as clearly. It’s a very fitting tribute to our men and I am sure they would be very touched by your honouring their sacrifices for us in your lasting memorial. An heirloom for future generations. Xxx

  2. Well done you – it looks great.
    If you (or Mum) has a frixion pen, they are fab for embroidering as you can write/draw whatever you want, and once you are done embroidering over the top, or if if doesn’t look right, you just iron over it, and it then disappears (it comes back if it gets really cold though!).

  3. you shouldn’t feel the need to apologise, the pictures and text were not shoddy! I think you did a great job embroidering too and if you think the binding on the back is messy, you should see the state of my quilts!

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