Doing good

Yes the post I promised will be up eventually. I swear. Promise.

I thought I’d write a post today (I can almost guarantee it’ll be rambly) because I hadn’t written one for a few days and yeah. xD I went to a 1940s event (I suppose you can call it that) and it was pretty cool!

Me attempting to feign interest in a discussion about paraffin.

Me attempting to feign interest in a discussion about paraffin.

I also got most excited about a certain stall inside the stables.



I’m very happy with it and can’t wait to pop it on my coat for winter. 😀

After that I’ve been pretty tired and my mood has been quite low again (yay hormones) but I’m doing better and have found things to improve my mood. Also helps to have lovely friends, you lot know you are. 🙂 I am trying to spend less time wasting my day on my phone (trust me, its working, I swear *cough*). It’s now turned into me spending all day on the computer learning German. At least it’s productive? xD It is nice to be doing something like this after not really being able to find my footing in education world, though. Sure, I have history but I’ve revealed (well, I’ve always known I’ve wanted to, but still) a desire to learn languages. I think I’ve spoken many times about wanting to learn languages and certainly I still want to continue learning the other languages that take my interest. I’ll soon be “one of the gang” and hopefully won’t get teased as much (Of course, they *looks pointedly at Esponia* still know more than me, but hey). 😛

I am also more eager to travel. When I was little it never particularly interested me, but through my love of history and my friends going on holidays (even within England) I desperately want to see the world (. . . or at least parts of Europe). Maybe that stems from being stuck in a house not being able to travel, but either way, I can’t wait for the day I can explore England or hop on a plane. Hopefully it won’t be long . . . Wishful thinking.

I had intended to mention a few other things, but to be fair I can’t really remember them and only a few people would understand it so there isn’t much point, I can always say it directly to them. Not that I will, due to being terrified of saying anything to anyone. xD

I suppose I should start planning gifts for later this year (I have started) due to the fact that if I do see my pal this summer I’ll be very tired, then seeing Noel Fielding in November will wear me out (being so close to the holiday season) so I should start now. It kind of isn’t fun to have to think about it, but oh well.

Well, I think that is my lot for now. My brain is tired after learning German all day, so I should give it a rest. xD
See you soon!
Jess x


3 thoughts on “Doing good

  1. Oh Jess that photo looks vintage 40’s doesn’t it? Are you going to frame it and put it on the wall alongside your posters? I’m so pleased you have good friends in the tough times as well as the good. I also like the idea of you going on a UK tour together one day. One step at a time eh? Love you lots. Xxx

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