Fourth time lucky


It’s taken me three attempts so far to write this post. Hopefully this one’ll be better . . . It’s not like it’s an extremely important post, but still. The past few have been incredibly rambly, which probably won’t be surprise to you all, but hey. I try to make these posts as good as they can be, so yes.

Anyway, getting on to the main topic. The 1940s. Here we go again. xD I’ve recently gotten back into the 40s mood (kinda, I’m getting there) after a few months of not really knowing what to do with myself. With the relapse I kinda just lost interest in everything. So having something that I love come back to me, has been really great, as I just haven’t been feeling myself without it. I’ve been finding pen pals and getting back into the swing of sewing too, which has been great as I’ve missed that too and really enjoy them. I will try to finish the project I started a while ago so that you can actually see what I’ve been making. xD I am nearly done though, kinda.

Wow that made no sense at all, sorry. I have the perfect idea of what I want to write, but my brain is just screwed with the humidity. xD I really should blog about the old stuff I bought at the vintage fair. I’ll try to do that soon, because they set off the 40sness again too. 🙂 Then I should also have a few things from my granddad when he next comes up, which will definitely be blog worthy. Maybe I’ll do a special post about that all. I’m sure that’d be interesting!

I’ve nearly finished decorating my day room/spare room! I’ve now got some WWI information posters (Horrible Histories ftw) up on the wall, right next to my WWI posters calendar. So I’ve still got the history theme going on, which makes me very happy. I’m thinking I’m going to get a Dig For Victory poster to go on the last big wall, and then my room shall be complete! 😀 It does make me very happy to have it history oriented. 🙂

Well, this is a really bad post, sorry about that. I just wanted to give some kind of update but like I said, my brain isn’t working as it should. Hopefully it’ll fix itself soon . . . Or England will behave. xD I’ve still got my list of ideas that I’ll be posting about soon, so be on watch for them. 🙂
See you soon!
Jess x


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