And breathe . . .

Hello all!

I’ve put off doing a post for a while because life has been a bit hectic recently! Today I have some time to pass so I decided I’d inform you of what’s been going on!

On Saturday dad came off his motorbike. At first he was in shock so it didn’t hurt, but as the evening wore on he was in quite a bit of pain. On Tuesday he went to the doctors and they packed him off to hospital for an x-ray. Today he went back to get a thingy for work (I am aware that this is extremely technical language) and ended up being sent back to the hospital for another x-ray. Such fun. Dad isn’t particularly keen on doctors/hospital anyway, so I’m sure he’s loving the time being spent there! Plus they keep poking his ribs (which is what he landed on and damaged) so it doesn’t make him feel great either! On the plus side, our neighbours have been very nice to us and are helping us with whatever we need, so thank you very much!

On Tuesday as well, Ann and I did a presentation about our writing blog for her English class. It was a bit scary, for me at least, but I think we did pretty well! Until Skype crapped out . . . You can’t have everything, I guess. I think they were more interested in me being English though. xD Ann owes me a lot of Mesikäpp for that! (Joking)

Yesterday I Skyped with Ann and another friend. It was my first time meeting the other one and he’s a bit weirder than I imagined, but all my friends are pretty weird so it makes no difference! It was really nice to Skype with them both, even if they did make me forget how to talk in proper English (i.e made me forget nearly every word I knew). I blame it on the brain fog, of course. 😛 We have a kingdom/empire (depends on the day, apparently) which we now have a flag for and soon a language. Who says teenagers never do anything worthwhile?! It’s been a nice distraction from the motorbike accident, so thank you to you guys (and my other friends, who have been rather helpful too ;P) for that!

I’m supposed to be reading this book at the moment, as it has to go back to the library on the 31st, but instead I’m listening to weird music that my friends send  to me. xD I am really enjoying the book though, it has many good quotes and does make you think a bit. I like books like that. 🙂

Well, I think that’s a lot of information to take in so I shall leave you now!
See you soon,
Jess x


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