Finally getting somewhere

Hiya! 😀

I’m back with a probably boring post. xD First of all I’d like to say thank you all for reading and sharing my M.E post, it really means a lot. 🙂 Now to get onto the main topic! Which isn’t really a focused one but whatever. xD

A while ago I mentioned plans that I had and then said they hadn’t really worked out so well. Thanks to the lovely weather England has graced us with, I’ve managed to get some energy and have been a little busy since! Ann and I have been busy with a blog we used to have. We have reinvented it and now we have a few projects going on there so click here to check it out! 😀 Getting back into creative writing has been fun, I’ve missed it a lot. Hopefully you lot will like some of the stories, although they’re quite different to what I guess you imagine I’d write. Ah well. 😛

I’ve also been managing to practise some of my English skills (essentially learning what I missed from secondary school) as Ann and another friend of mine keep joking around about it. It’s given me the motivation to do English and learn another language, so thanks guys. xD I still have a lot to correct but I’m learning it pretty fast, so that’s good!

Other than that not a lot has been happening. I’ve got a few ideas of what I need to be doing, but need to get a bit more energy back before doing that. Until then, I shall continue writing and practising skills.

Well, a short and sweet (I guess?) post, but that’s all I really have to tell you guys! xD
See you soon!
Jess x


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