Good hello!

I seriously need to find a way to come up with better titles . . .

Hello good people of internet land! 😀 It feels like it’s been forever! I think I always say that in a post. Hm, oh well. xD How are you all doing? 🙂 I’m alright, plodding along. Trying to ignore the fact that I am going to be 17 in 5 days. o.o When did that happen?! A question that has been floating around the house the past few weeks! xD The only good thing about turning 17 is the ability to sing “16 going on 17” and “Dancing Queen”. The simple things make me happy, okay? xD

England is pretty much under water. It’s currently calm where I am, but I suspect it’ll become windy and rainy again! I think some tiles are loose as I keep hearing them flapping about, not good!

Not much else has been happening lately, I’ve been chatting to friends online a lot, really. We’ve also had a few orders every now and then, which is a lot easier to manage than the hectic ness of the first few days!

Oh dear, this is a short post. I probably should have planned something. Ah well. I honestly haven’t been in the mood for blogging, sorry about that! My head has been all over the place figuring things out and generally being teenager-y. I think I need to play more video games, to stop thinking. Nothing can go wrong with that, can it? 😉

Well, I shall go now. I just wanted to say hello and all that jazz. I’ll probably blog after my birthday, as I might have something to say then. Who knows? 😛

See you soon!
Jess x


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