Happy New Year!


I hope you all had a good night (and if you drink, I hope your hangover isn’t tooooo bad)! šŸ˜€ I also hope you had a great Christmas (and if you don’t celebrate it a very good Wednesday). šŸ™‚

My new year started with people running down the streets shouting “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” and clapping. Very amusing. ;D We also got to see the fireworks from my mum and dad’s bedroom window, which were rather pretty. šŸ™‚ We literally ran up the stairs after the countdown and watched the fireworks from here. I’ve only just watched the ones that London had. xD

I’ve got a few plans for the year ahead, so hopefully they’ll all work out. Top Secret stuff is happening and I’m not sure when, but it’s happening soon. Then most of it is to focus on my education (watch this go down the drain) and write. I have a lot of writing to do! I’m also hoping I can update this blog more than once a month (we did quite well last year, didn’t we?) so expect a couple more posts this month. šŸ™‚

I did say I would have pictures for this post, but um. Hmm. I do have pictures from Christmas Day, Boxing Day and a few from the 28th (those were family days). Maybe I’ll do a post about one of the very special things I received from my nan. *nods* Remind me to do that. xD

Today, so far, has been quite relaxed. Dad and I watched Gangsta Granny, which was fabulous (even if I nearly cried at the end) and mum has been organising her fabric. Pretty normal day in my household. xD

Anyway, I shall leave you to it. Hopefully I shall do another post soon. šŸ™‚ I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day. šŸ™‚
See you soon,
Jess x


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you too Jess. It was so lovely to have Boxing Day with you all at our new house. The first of many God willing! Looking forward to reading your post about your gift šŸ™‚ and sharing in the fun of 2014. Xxx

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