Why I’ve been missing for a bit

Well, it’s that time of year. Ya know, Christmas. I totally haven’t been panicking about whether I’ll get everything made in time. Nope, not at all. *hides* I have managed to make four presents though and bought another. That may not seem like a lot to some people but it has taken me forever to do this. xD I can’t post pictures of the gifts as the recipients will probably be reading this, and I’m sure they’re dying to know what they’ve got. I can, however, post some pictures of decorations that I’ve been making (yes, it’s been a very crafty few weeks!). Here ya go:



These have fallen down now *sigh*

These have fallen down now *sigh*


Please excuse bad photography here xD

Please excuse bad photography here xD

I’m not really sure what’s happened to the pictures, they’ve gone a bit weird. I’m too tired to fix it though so you’ll have to cope with them being a bit weird. xD But yes, I went a bit 1940s with the decorations. The last decoration I showed used a tutorial from the IWM, which is fab and so simple to make. Quite pleased with the two I made, I might make a few more in a bit. 🙂

Apart from that I’m not particularly in the Christmas spirit, although I think that’s better for me, that way I don’t get over excited and make myself feel shattered for Christmas day! I have, however, decided on an outfit for Christmas day. It’s decidedly 1930s/1940s (whodathunkit?) but apart from that you won’t find out anything else until I blog my outfit (which will probably be sometime in the new year depending how tired I am after the festive period). Ooh I feel like a fashion blogger . . . Okay maybe not, I’m not good at fashion unless it’s historical!

Having said all that, I have been going to quite a few Christmas things with my parents, a couple of craft fairs and we’ve been making our way around the garden centres. It’s so nice to be able to do Christmas at our own pace compared to last year (*shudder*), I think I’ve said that before but it’s true!

Currently mum is finishing off a quilt that will look lovely in my room, it follows a pattern from the lovely Lynne at Lily’s Quilts. I’m not one to like many of the modern-day quilts that are around but this one that will go perfect with my old-fashioned style bed covers and my generally 40s ish room. Yay. 😀 Plus it’s handmade so that makes it all the more better. Gotta love hand-made things. 🙂 Can’t wait to snuggle under it and watch Christmas films (who knows, it might make me feel more Christmassy). 😀

Oh, I also have spent a few days reading through old letters from my family that we’ve kept from many years ago. It’s lovely to get a sense of their characters from the letters. Some even had a few helpful bits of information regarding my mum’s side’s family history. Yay 😀 It helps having a little bit that backs up our information!

Right, that’s all from me today! I’ll try and get another post in before Christmas but we shall see! Actually, I probably will, as I’ll want to show off our tree. xD Look forward to that! I’ll also try to use my proper camera rather than my phone. xD

See you all soon!
Jess x


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