Hello again!!

I thought I’d write a quick post, like I (sometimes) do. Today I pampered myself (I say pampered. I had a shower and painted my nails. I was a bit too hungry/tired to do anything else. Ah well. 😉 ) and did some sewing. I finally finished one of the Christmas presents to be sent overseas, which is a relief! I think I’ve got one or two more to make and then I’m done for overseas presents. Yay!

Talking (only briefly) about Christmas, is anyone else sort of excited and not? I’m half excited because I am well enough to enjoy it (and I’m not stressing out about moving house like last year, thankfully) but also really not because I foolishly  thought I could make presents this year (and people keep reminding me it’s December soon. Shush people xD). I don’t mind making presents, I love crafting, it’s no problem to me but oh dear. I do forget that I’m not superwoman! It is a case of doing it slowly (but not too slowly or they’ll never get made) but I’m not very good at pacing myself (as my psychologists found out when I pretty much refused to do any sort of pacing program. Hehe, that’s another story that I’ll probably tell sometime soon. ;D) so I end up spending an afternoon sewing and then not being able to do anything for a few days. Ooops.

Anyway, moving on from that. xD I don’t think I have any other news for you . . . I’m hoping to go to my town’s light switch on later this week, because it’ll be our first time properly seeing everything (again, unlike last year ;D) in the new place so yay! Hopefully it’ll get me in the spirit of Christmas. I’m feeling a bit Bah Humbug, ooh I feel a song coming on!

Well, I shall leave it here for today. Hopefully next time I see you I will have made a few more Christmas presents! Of course, I can’t show you until after Christmas but there we are. 🙂 It’ll be worth the wait (hopefully!).
See you all soon!
Jess x


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