It’s been forever!

Or at least it feels like it!! I was supposed to do a post for Remembrance Day, but the pictures were messing around and they weren’t being my friend. Stupid pictures!

So, what’s been happening since we last spoke? Well. My nan gave me the lovely 30s encyclopaedias (Did I tell you about them? I honestly can’t remember if I mentioned it) when she came up last. They are absolutely fab and I honestly can’t wait to have a look through them.
The cover is absolutely gorgeous. I’m guessing all the things on it is what is included in the series!
The spine is pretty fab too!
Most of it is in black and white but they do have some colour pages, which are stunning. 🙂

Then I went on a roll with sewing (so much so that I made myself feel rather ill). I have nearly finished a Christmas present but I did something wrong so I have to unpick a lot of it. What annoyed me most is that I have tiny stitches when I sew, so having to unpick tinsy stitches that you probably need a magnifying glass to see was pretty frustrating. ;D It’s just sat on my sofa hoping to be fixed soon. Poor thing.

What else . . . Ah yes! I said I was going to my nan’s house in my last post, didn’t I? Well I went, and I’ve been there a few more times since!! I really love the house, they’re very lucky to have such amazing views!! Of course the days I’ve gone round have been the crappiest with rain or fog or whatever so I haven’t had chance to see them, but I know they’re there somewhere! xD

On Friday the parents and I went on an adventure to the charity shops and I couldn’t resist having a little nose at some of the pretty things they had! I found some amazing scarves, but the picture is awful. D; They’re silk ones with delicate flowers on them. Yay! I also found a little treasure, which I love. For just £2.99 this was mine.
I’m thinking that they are late 20s early 30s but I’m not sure. A book from a completely different set of encyclopaedias/knowledge books. It’s really cool to have, especially this one as it has loads of fables and stories, which is cute! All in all a happy bunny!

The next day we went over to my nan and granddad’s to cut down a tree (dad did it as my granddad injured himself on the wardrobe. *shakes head*). While dad was up the tree and my granddad not knowing quite what to do mum, nan and I went into the garage and my nan gave us my great-granddad’s projector and all of his reels of film.
Needless to say mum and I were excited! When we got home we pretty much set it up immediately. One of the reels was a bit broken, but we got a different one working. The height of technology in the early 70s, we were having a hard time understanding how it worked. I’m sure granddad would be very annoyed with us for taking too long to set it up. 😉 We managed to watch a few and you have no idea how amazing it felt to be able to see my granddad. Having never met him, it was a great feeling to be able to see him on this film and watch him draw these cartoons (he was very interested in film, photography, editing things etc..). 🙂

Since then I haven’t really done a lot, or at least not that I can remember. I’ve been trying to organise some schoolwork so I can get back to doing that in the new year once all the present making is out of the way. Yesterday I went to my aunt and uncle’s to spend some time with my aunt and cousin. My cousin decided – with the new craft stuff we had given him – that we should make some pictures so we sat at the table and did that! He got very excited about it all and let me use one of his chalks to do a picture of my own. I think it’s a masterpiece:
I am obviously a great artist. I left it there so it could join my cousin’s pictures on the fridge. Although I highly doubt that’ll happen because I’m sure my cousin will protest. 🙂

Oh, and also yesterday I spent my morning trying to figure out PDFs for mum and nan’s blog. It took a little while but it’s all done now! If you are into crafting and like Christmas, go check out their site! Click here and you’ll get taken there on a magic carpet (possibly. It only works 50% of the time, you just can’t trust magic these days).

So, after that rather lengthy catch up, I s’pose I should leave you now! I hope you all have a good rest of whatever it is, wherever you are! I shall leave a picture of my rabbit from this morning to cheer you up if you are having a bad day. 🙂

See you soon!
Jess x


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