Clocks and ME

Just a quick little post to pass the time until Hallowe’en is here. Get ready for a post on Hallowe’en! 😀

A couple of days ago the clocks decided to be handy and go back an hour. Which is great (earlier time to drink hot chocolate! ;)) but not so great when you have a routine. To new people reading this, you might not have read my other posts but I have this illness called M.E (don’t ask me to say its full name because it’s very confusing, long and hard to pronounce) which affects everything I do in my life. The clocks changing were not the best thing (they never are!) to happen because recently I’ve been a bit worse than usual.

I felt fine on Sunday morning, a bit hungry because I “normally” (on BST) would eat/take my tablets between 9am-10am, but other than that okay. I needed to tidy my room up so I thought I’d have lunch then work at it. I felt immediately hot, sick and tired out. Probably wasn’t a good idea after all. Then I had family over, which went fine because I had cooled down and wasn’t paying as much attention as I usually do so it was basically classed as low energy.

After they had left, however, I felt really sick, tired and could have cried. This is the problem when you try to keep your tablets at the “regular” time when actually you should probably take them earlier. I had tea and my tablets though and I soon felt a bit better.

Yesterday was a bit better, I ate a bit more regularly (I used to have to eat every hour when I was severely affected because I just needed some sort of energy), which annoyed me because I had only just stopped doing that routine. I did feel much better for it though, so I guess this is what I’ll have to do for a few days until my body sorts itself out.

Today has been tiring. Mum’s helper came in so I had to get things ready for her (as mum is still recovering from her op) at an early time which obviously has screwed up my day in terms of eating/resting.

My pal and I were saying that M.E really does need more awareness. Things that may knock you – a healthy person – back a little bit (which you can fix by having a nap or something) sets us (severely/moderately affected at least. Not sure about anyone higher up) back quite a bit.

You can’t say to someone with M.E “Oh you look fine, what are you complaining about?” if you see them at work or school. You don’t see the tiredness afterwards. The need to rest. The likelihood of them falling on the floor because they have no energy to get themselves up the stairs and into bed or even on to a sofa.

I hate to say it, but some healthy people really take for granted what they can do. Everyone has the right to complain about their lives but if you say “I’m so tired” to someone suffering with severe M.E and you’re offended that they don’t give you that much sympathy, don’t be.

Now, after that little moan/rant, I’m going to take the Miranda approach and use this song to put a positive on today’s post.

My proud moment is (nearly) finishing a block of knitting. I know! Me, knitting! I persevered and now I have one block! 😀 Super happy about it. 🙂

On that note I shall go. Like I said at the start you’ll see me on Hallowe’en. I may look a bit . . . different but you’ll see me. 😀
Jess x


2 thoughts on “Clocks and ME

  1. I too find the clock change really difficult because of the disruption to routine. I tend to start shifting my routine by five minutes a day in the week running up to the clock change as an hours shift at once is too much for my body to handle. Congrats on the knitting. It’s important to celebrate such achievements however small they may seem to other people.

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