50th post spectacular (or something like that)


We’ve (yes we. You guys are part of it!) reached 50 posts! Let’s dance to cheesy music! Okay now I’m definitely in the party mood. 🙂

I really can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year and that I’ve rambled on for 50 posts. We all remember the days of bad posts and me having no idea what I want to post, right?! 😀 Well, I’d written a post before this and posted it but I wanted it to be much better. So I am improving it! 😀

Yesterday was very fun, I was Mousecat for a very special call. 😀 The lovely Stori from BooshlrCall had arranged a call for all the Boosh fans to chat, sing songs, crimp, discuss the Boosh and whatever else they are in, cry over the fact we’re not in America for Festival Supreme and generally go a bit hyper. 😀

It was amazing, seeing/hearing all these Boosh fans! 😀 We attempted a crimp, discussed Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, did impressions of Boosh characters and changed all our pictures to Rich Fulcher. 😀 This is what I mean:
 It felt very odd to be staring at Rich’s face. ;D We tweeted him pictures of it, though. xD The point of it was, we didn’t know if the Boosh would be able to get into America due to problems with visas etc. so we said that Rich (As he’s American) could do the festival himself, play all the characters and call it The Mighty Rich. He had tweeted about it the day after and questioned our sanity. Pretty rich (no pun intended. Well, maybe a little bit) coming from a member of The Mighty Boosh!! 😀

They’re hosting another one on Skype tonight at 8pm GMT, if any other Boosh fans want to join. 🙂

So after all of that excitement I’ve had a pretty relaxing day. I chilled out to Follow the Fleet starring the amazing Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Excellent film, really enjoyed it. 😀

So, I’m not really sure how spectacular this 50th post was, but I’m very glad you’ve stayed with me on this journey (aw, soppy) and I hope we have many more posts together! However weird they may be! 😀

On that note, I am off to watch another Fred and Ginger film!
Jess x

PS: One more cheesy song? 🙂


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