Projects, projects and more projects

I honestly don’t know how I’ll find the energy.

The problem with me, is that I’ve always been very ambitious. Which is probably why I’m so poorly. *shakes fist* But it doesn’t stop me one bit. With my recent creative-ness I’ve found lots of old projects that I really want to work on, as well as new projects that I’ve started. I’m in a bit of a muddle now and not sure what to prioritise.

First of all, back in, um, 2009 I think, I started writing lots of poems. I love writing poems and I was hoping to turn it a book. Like a proper book with pictures I had taken to go with it. I even started it but mum and I have forgotten the log in so I’m not sure when that’ll happen.

That same year I started writing a book about . . . Well, I can’t tell you that, can I? 😀 I was speaking about it to my nan today and I think it’d be pretty cool to release that, maybe as a short story because it doesn’t really have that much of a plot. Well, it does but it’s not like a thriller or anything. Just a simple book for probably 7+. Pretty cool, huh?

Then we come to the past, oh I don’t know, year or so? My friend and I (as mentioned in the last post) have such weird lives (seriously, if you spoke to my pal you would either think she makes it up or she is Miranda) that I sort of want to write some sketches, because that would be pretty cool. That and our sense of humour is quite weird so it’d be cool to see people’s responses. Also, we’ve always said we’d release an album of songs we’ve made up (mainly covers but so very funny).

Then in July I started a blog with a girl called Ann. Check it out here if you want to see it! We’re hoping to do quite a bit of it in the next few years, so keep a watch out.

Then next year you will find out one that I’ve mentioned before on here but it is super top-secret so nerh. 😛 I’m not sure when it will be announced but you will definitely hear about it. 🙂 Ooh, ‘ark at me being secretive (I don’t do this very often as you can probably tell).

So, now we are at the end of my arm long list of projects (I say arm long, it’s more half an arm, but if I write it in big text it’ll look more impressive). My top-secret one and my project with Ann are probably high on the list, but I would really like to do more poems and writing for that book so that can be released and done. Imagine me with books out?! Oh dear, that’s quite a scary thought. I’d have to be all normal . . . Nah, they’ll just have to like me for who I am. 😀

As I mentioned, I am very ambitious. But I don’t s’pose you noticed that at all, did you? 🙂
Jess x

PS. My next post is my 50th. Imagine that?! I’ll make it super special!


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