Productiveness (ish)

Hello, it’s me again! 🙂

So I’ll get straight into it today, I guess. In England it’s been awfully windy, rainy and cold. By our standards at least! So the heating is on (I am currently melting, oops) and each time mum and I look out the windows we go “Oh, this bloody weather!”. Typical, eh?

I have had quite a bit of inspiration these past few days, I’ve re-discovered (I say re-discovered, it never went) my love for The Mighty Boosh so my thoughts have been running wild about things to create and write and oh I love it. I made a joke on twitter earlier today, but not even the Boosh fans seemed to get it. It made me (and mum) laugh, so that’s all that matters I guess! It pretty much started off on Saturday. There was much hype about the Boosh releasing a song (if you want to listen to it click here – credit to cheeky-vixen on tumblr for posting it) so I was pretty excited about that. Then they announced they were doing another gig on the 10th (yesterday) so everyone rushed to get tickets. If you are reading this boys of the Boosh, stop doing things in London. I know it’s your home but I wanna see you too, okay? 😦 Aaaaanyway, last night I ended up crimping (remember that thing I posted a while ago?) and singing songs by them. It included this one (which is now my favouritest – new word):

So anyway, time to get back to the subject of this post! xD I ended up writing a little sketch which is like a part of one I wrote with my lovely pal (who thought up a song in 2010 which inspired me to write the sketch in the first place). That was fun. If I could turn it into an actual video I totally would. If me and my pal get together again at some point I will force her to help me with it. I’m sure I’ll think of something. Watch this space (you may be waiting a while so I suggest getting a snack, maybe a cup of tea, or drink of your choice and make sure you’re comfy. I’d hate for you to get a sore bum while waiting)!

I’ve also thought of a new painting idea for Remembrance Day but I don’t actually have any paint so I need to get myself to a cheap shop to find some. I shall be on an adventure for it. It’ll hopefully tie in with the wall hanging I plan on making for next year, again, watch this space (except this one will actually be achievable by next year, so you won’t have that long to wait)!

Well, I’ll keep it short and sweet (sort of. Also I had to refrain from saying Pete Sweet. Sorry, too much Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt makes me reference everything).
See you again soon!
Jess x


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