Orchestra days

I’m here with the post! 😀

When I was in the end of Year 2/beginning of Year 3 you got given the option to take up extra curricular classes (either during school hours or after) so I went with violin – like you do. xD We had a small class (three people, one of those being me) but it kind of helped because that we could focus on what the hell we were doing!

Fast forward a few months and we got given the opportunity to take extra classes by our teacher at the local secondary school. Only two of the three of us went (the boy had other classes and also couldn’t be bothered) so me and my friend spent every Saturday at the school learning time signatures, more music and making friends. 😀 In the year of 2005 we got asked (with a bunch of the other local schools) to play as an orchestra at a different secondary school. It was a bit scary as we hadn’t really done anything like that before (well, we played for the school to raise money to send to Thailand after the tsunami) but it was really fun and I met my future violin teacher. xD

In the May of 05 we were doing a summer concert at the local leisure centre which is a bit hard to remember. xD

Programmes for the most amazing concerts ever

Programmes for the most amazing concerts ever

I think I was quite excited for it, nervous but excited. My friend and I stuck together through the whole thing, which was awesome. You had to arrive at the hall for 3pm and then practice the whole set for a few hours before doors opened at 5pm or 6pm (can’t quite remember). They would finish at 9pm so we were shattered kids. xD

We also played a Christmas concert later on in the year which wasn’t as exciting. I don’t think it was planned very well but there we are! We had to make it festive so some of the older students had put tinsel on their cellos or their trumpets and then there was me and my friend. We were very last minute so we took a bit of tinsel from the building to put on our cases. Stylish. 😉 We did put it back to where it had been xD We didn’t even know if our parents were coming because it was sort of packed but not. Hard to explain, either way not the most fun. 😉 That’s kind of when we decided the whole violin thing wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. You get good gigs then you get bad ones. xD

My last concert was the summer concert in 06. This is the one I remember really well. I’d got dressed up in the formal wear – which you had to wear or else – and we visited some family friends. Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith was on telly so I didn’t really want to leave for rehearsal because it was on. Oops. We got at the hall for 3pm and then practice ensued. At one point during our break me and my friend (read as me) thought it would be funny to tap our finger on our wrist to ask the time to see if we would get a response. Someone from the balcony bit (hard to explain) actually shouted down to us and said “HALF THREE”. Which made us die of embarrassment. Lesson learnt. 😉

Now, I must say this. I hardly practiced my violin but I was still good (Sorry, I’m sort of one of those people) but the final song for the concert always made me stop. It was Lord of the Dance. We practiced it a lot in our lessons (even more than our other songs) because it is bloody hard, or at least it was to me and my friend. I’m listening to it now and I swear it was harder. Ah, wait, now we’ve got to the hard part. Anyway, on with the first bit of the concert.

We did really well with our first three songs, then it was a case of rest position for like 2 hours. xD I have to say the other strings and band were amazing, I really couldn’t wait to be out of training strings and into intermediates. Anyway, our next songs well we were A-MA-ZING. I don’t remember the first song but the next song was Titanic and we blew everyone away. Okay, I may be slightly exaggerating but I thought it was awesome. That’s all that matters, right? Then a few more pieces from the senior strings and senior band then it was Lord of the Dance time. Everyone tells you to try your hardest so I did. I played open D string whenever it came up. Even then it was out of time. xD It was a fun day though, even if it was tiring. Probably the best bit was going to my nan’s afterwards to stay the night. It was about 11pm by the time we got home. Not good. xD Probably finished me off!

After that it was quite slow going, I got to intermediate strings (which was awesome), I moved schools so I got that teacher I told you about earlier (turns out he used to teach at mum’s secondary school) and he got me to grade one level and said I could take my exam but I bailed on that one. I don’t like exams. xD If I’m doing something it’s for me and not for the exams. I know I can do it, and so will everyone else if I play for them. xD

That said having been to the ballets since a little girl, playing the violin did make me want to be in the orchestra, until someone told me how much I’d need to practice (it’s like the NASA thing all over again) so I gave up on that idea.

I’m glad that I feel well enough to attempt the violin again because it is a beautiful instrument and I’m happy that I did learn it at some point in my life! 😀

Well, that’s the story I guess, my violin history in just over 1,000 words. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked telling you about it.
See you next time!
Jess x


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