Studying (apparently)

Hello again!

Thought I’d make a quick blog post (not a crafting one this time. Still need to take a picture of the hexies!) telling you what I’d been up to.

Yesterday was a very excitable day. Like, really exciting. So much so that I got extremely tired because I was so excited. You’ll probably find it very geeky, but please don’t judge me? Where to start . . . At the beginning of the day I s’pose!

In the post yesterday morning (after answering the door to the postie looking a bit like I had just stumbled out of bed and not bothered to do anything to my hair, which I had) were two workbooks. They were for citizenship and history. Can you see where I’m going with this? Mum and I looked through the citizenship booklet and it looks really interesting, I seriously can’t wait to learn more about the law, human rights, the UN etc.. Very exciting stuff. Then we looked through the history book. I fell in love. We looked through the first module and I think I nearly squealed. From that moment on I grew more in love with the modules and the sections and well. I could go on. xD In my excitement I have nearly finished one of the “challenges” from the first module today! Four more to go and I have my first credit towards a shiny certificate. I have chosen to do 6 credits (which is 60 hours). I’m sure I’ll regret this at some point but for now I am very happy. Yay!

Now to the next thing that happened yesterday. Dad came home from work and said “I’ve got you some strings. Look.” and I could have done a dance. New violin strings for the win! I’ve said on here about wanting to re-learn my beautiful violin and now that I have new strings, I can! While dad was helping me to tune it up (and re-string them as I didn’t put them in very well), I practiced my bow work. Basically that means using the technique my teacher in Year 3 taught me. Practice writing your name with it and writing numbers etc.. Then it was tuned up and I got straight into learning it. I obviously started with Beethoven (read as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), but got frustrated as I still can’t use the bloody bow right. I’ll get there though. I did some practicing today and will do a bit more in a minute. This means business, I never practice my instruments!

I don’t think I ever showed you my violin! Here it is!
Crap lighting but ah well. ‘Scuse the mess as well, please! It is a metallic purple violin, not very big (my arms are strained because I’ve obviously grown since I got it!). My grandparents bought it for me in I think 2004/2005 for Christmas, probably one of the best presents ever! It still has its tape on it from my lessons in Year 3, it’s been with me through a lot. Quite a few orchestras (if you want to hear those stories you can comment and I’ll tell you all about them. I won’t be offended if you don’t!), many classes (including getting to intermediate strings. Oh yeah) and zero practicing. It’s my buddy and I love it. Even if it’ll take a while to remember how to play it. xD

Well, what was to be a short post ended up being a long one, sorry about that! I will come back soon with another post about my adventures in geek land soon!
Jess x


4 thoughts on “Studying (apparently)

  1. How lovely to see your violin again! I’m sure you’ll pick up playing it again really quickly. And you must share about you orchestra days, especially about the concert, it was such a great evening. :-)) Xxx

    • Well, I’ve pretty much sussed out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, it’s gonna take ages to get back to where I was! Hehe I will! 😀 latest I had stayed up, when I was younger, was that night!! 😀 xxx

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