A very 40s day

Hello again!

Well, I was supposed to write up this post on Friday, when it actually occurred but I uh forgot. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. I couldn’t be bothered on the Friday so I said I’d do it on the Saturday. Now it’s turned into a Tuesday and here we are. xD

I felt very 40s all of a sudden (or it was a continuation of the 40s mood I’d been in with all the crafting. Can’t quite remember) so I got me ‘air washed and mum helped me to put it in bendy roller things. Now, I wasn’t expecting very good results as normal rollers do nothing for my hair, apart from frizz. Either way, I put them in, donned the headscarf and tried to get in a comfy position so I could sleep.

The next morning (Friday morning), I left them in for a bit longer (i.e I was dithering over what to wear), just to see if that would help. I got dressed in this:
A top from my nan’s collection of 40s style clothes and my lovely handmade skirt. The top wasn’t fitted around my waist so I added a belt that came with another skirt to wrap round me middle and it looked good.

Now the hair. It amused me greatly, as I unrolled the bendy rollers. I had a bit of a tough time getting one of the usual rollers out of my fringe (much tears in eyes and swearing) but the rest were very simple to get out . . . Even if I was looking in the mirror while doing it and getting confused as to which way to unravel them. xD As soon as I unrolled them it looked like I was from the 1700s. So I brushed it out.
Yes, very blurry but I don’t have the steadiest hand! It still looked a bit weird, but you can’t have it all. I’m not used to curly hair! I then styled it with the help of a handy video on YouTube. I did my own take on it as I couldn’t quite remember what the lady did but there we are! So, this happened:
Yes, yes I know I can’t smile for anything but yay! I felt pretty for once (apart from said dodgy smile) and I also felt happy as my mum said I looked like my nan. Maybe if it was from the side it would be a better resemblance? Anyhow. I felt very 40s and felt I needed to get a basket and get the rations. Instead I went to the supermarket with dad and got smiles from people. That works. xD

Apart from that not a lot as been happening here. My aunt has come up to visit so we’re seeing her tomorrow, with lots of questions about my nan’s family. Mum and I got very confused as to who all the people were, so more asking is needed! I’m hoping to write another post tomorrow but we shall see how I feel after my aunt and nan have gone home.

Well, I’m off to play some video games (it feels like forever since I’ve played them!) so hopefully see you guys tomorrow!
Jess x


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