Crafty times ahead

Hello all! 😀 I’m back with another post, with a cuppa. I’m well prepared for this cold weather. 😉

You may have noticed I’ve changed the appearance of my blog again, it will become clear soon. By soon I mean next year at the earliest. Just cross your fingers that it all works out, okay? 😀

Anyway, this week, while mum has been recovering from her op, I’ve spent more time downstairs than up here in my little den. I haven’t wanted to disturb mum, so I took down my hexies, C-word presents and knitting to entertain me. It’s been going quite well! Where do I start first . . . Let’s start with the C-word presents! 😀
This is how far I’ve gotten with one of the presents, as you can see to the left is a bit more of it but I decided not to show you in until it’s December. Sorry! 😀
Then we have this. 😀 This is going to take a bit longer, as I had to cut the parts out, I’ll also need to machine sew it and well hm. Thank goodness it’s 3 months until December, plenty of time. xD

Next on my list would be hexies but I forgot to take a picture of them. I’m bad at that, aren’t I?! I’ll say this, it’s progressed a lot since I last showed you. It’ll still be a while before it’s big enough for a double quilt!

Then we get to knitting. On my twitter I have told everyone about the fun awful adventures I’ve had with it. Let’s just say, at the time I took this picture, it was all going really well. I mean, really well. Better than my knitting had ever gone before.
Then I was like “You know what, it’s quite cold so I’m going to get my blanket and snuggle up to continue my knitting.”. I think that’s where it all went wrong. I somehow managed to drop a stitch, attempted to pick it back up again and increased my number of stitches to 31. I had started off with 30, so it wasn’t too bad but oh I could have cried. So I undid it all (again. For the 13th time) and tried again. I dropped yet more stitches. Now it is downstairs, on the windowsill probably wondering what it did to offend me. Maybe I’ll pick it up later. It’s highly unlikely though. xD

I also promised pictures of a certain skirt I finished. Here y’are!

Mum did the hem for me, as it was a bit tricky and she probably didn’t trust me to do it very straight. xD
I bloody hated doing the hook and eye. So wonky. xD

Today I’ve taken a quick break from all this creativity by visiting my aunt and cousin. It was lovely to catch up with them. 😀 I have no idea how kids have such energy, it’s crazy! We did have fun playing with blocks, using golf clubs as walking sticks (I think he’s watched my mum and nan too often! :D) and playing with the noisy books. Lots of fun. 😀

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times in this post, the weather is getting colder here in jolly (heh) old England and it is currently raining. All our weather reports at the moment are “You’re going to get rain, sorry. Oh, and tomorrow a bit more.” which is lovely. xD It’s not too bad though, it means the jumpers are back out from the depths of the wardrobe and my comfy knit dress comes back out. It also means lots more soup and more roasts. Oh yes, I like this weather, even if I will complain about it. 😉 It does also mean my Goth music gets more use and the candles are dusted off. Yes, I do like this a lot. 😀

So, after rambling on, this is already over 600 words long now. xD My plan for the rest of today is hexies and maybe knitting. This could change, of course. I might get distracted by Animal Crossing. That’s quite likely.

Anyway! I’ll leave you with this for today, I’ll try to take some more pics of all my projects for another update either this week or next week. 😀

See you soon!
Jess x


3 thoughts on “Crafty times ahead

  1. I like your new look blog Jess. 🙂 and it’good to know you’ve got the creative gene. Much fun ahead for us. 😉 Xxx

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