Life update

Hello readers! 😀

I promised an update and here it is! I’ve sort of had a little (really tinsy) relapse with the M.E, I’m just tired all the time and nothing is really fixing it. To be fair, I’ve done loads this past year than I have in the last 5 years! I am still moving about, going out and all that fun stuff, but I’m just shattered.

My mum had an op on Wednesday so I’ve been helping her a little bit with dad (as she’ll be bed bound for a while), but the stress has worn me right out! I’ve had loads of early starts all week so this morning – when I had what I’ll class a lie in – was lovely, having slept all the way through as well! I went out today as I was feeling cooped up so that’s made me feel better too. Mum is doing okay, just tired and sore. Hopefully she’ll be feeling a bit better next week!

I have some good news! I finally finished my skirt! There was much swearing as I attached the hook and eye but it’s finally done! I’ll try to post pictures next time, remind me? xD I’m attempting to make a start on C-word presents for my cousins as it will take me a while to do, without the help of my mum so that’ll be fun. I’ve also tried knitting again but hmm, maybe I’ll do that when my mind is a bit clearer so that I don’t swear all the time or attempt to throw it out the window. 😉

Right, quick update over. I need to get back to sewing and sorting things out with some of my friends. I’ll see you soon blog!

Jess x


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