Introducing . . . Part Two

Hello again! Sorry that it’s been a while, life happened. I’ll probably do an update later but first I wanted to finish the tale of my great grandparents. Today I am introducing to you my lovely nan, Nellie. She was my mum’s nan. 🙂
This was her in the early 1940s, I should imagine. 🙂 Probably 1942. She worked at Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds during the war, and I think for some time after, but I’m not entirely sure. Apparently in 1942 there was a bombing raid that targeted it, not good at all. But anyway on to her beginning!

She was born in 1919 and died in 2007. I had ten lovely years with her. 🙂 Like my great-grandfather she was stubborn and cheeky, I have no hope then!
We visited her quite a bit and you could definitely see she was raised “properly”! In her kitchen she had jars for all of us and would put a bit of money in it each month (maybe a week not sure). I found out that she’d go to each different store in the city centre to see which things were cheaper and shop at all the different ones if something was cheaper. You’ve got to be thrifty!

When I was really little (and to be honest up to when I was 9) she’d give me the ladles and spoons and old plastic jars or things like that to play with. It was the first thing I did whenever I went to any of my grandparents’ houses. It was entertainment! ;D She’d bought me a colouring book which sat on her record player so I’d make my way through the vast pile of books and records (it wasn’t that big but to me at 4 years old it was massive. ;)) to colour in peacefully.

She got to know my childhood friends as their mum looked after my mum, so my nan would buy them Easter eggs, which I’m sure they loved (free chocolate after all!). My friends loved my nan, it was kind of like they were part of the family a bit!

I went into one of her rooms when we visited her at the flat one day and saw a box thing. I asked her what it was and she told me it was picnic set and that one day we’d have to go on a picnic to use it. After that I was completely in love with that picnic set and after she died I got it. I am so happy to have that piece of her with me and I can’t wait to force my family/friends on a picnic now. 😀

At one of my birthday parties, my great-aunt and I did a show (this is what we always did at family do’s. We’re great performers. ;)) and I think my nan humoured us. She always did. But if she was in a mischievous mood she’d laugh away at us!
This was taken at my Nan’s (her daughter) house. I think I had chocolate at some point and got it all round my mouth and she chuckled at me. Cheeky so and so!
One of my favourite memories of her is when mum and I were staying at her house (mum was looking after with my nan and aunt towards the end of her life) and I had a chocolate egg/person thing. We were waiting for tea to be done and she goes to me
“Are you going to have some?”
“No, nanny, I’ve got to wait until after tea.”
“Oh, go on. Can I have a little bit?”
“Nanny you aren’t supposed to.”
“Oooh.” and she got all annoyed with me because I wouldn’t rebel. xD

My mum and my nan set up Nellie’s Niceties in 2007, a few months before she died. She knew about it and was very proud and happy that there was something named after her.

She was a lovely woman, I loved her so much and it’s sad that she never got to meet my cousins. She would’ve loved seeing them run around and cause mayhem. I can only imagine the trouble she’d cause with one of my cousins!!


3 thoughts on “Introducing . . . Part Two

  1. Oh Jess, this is such a lovely post. Nanny Would be so proud to know how much you loved her and how fondly you remembered her. Thanks for sharing. Xxx

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